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Sailing the seven suds at bathtime

We love a good pun here at TBB, almost as much as we love awesome LEGO builds. So when you create a bathtime-themed pirate ship crewed by the Rubber Duccaneers, it’s going to grab our attention. As you can see, Random Vector has done just that! This build is chock-a-block with charm. Aside from the excellent wordplay in the title (seriously, I’m a bit jealous of that one), Random Vector has really committed to every detail here. Of course there’s the bathtubs that double as pirate ships, but equally the rubber ducky figureheads are a cute touch that unifies the three vessels. The bathroom furniture on the flagship consists of a shower head at the stern, and a plug doubles as an anchor. Genius! The bubbly setting is so effectively done using various transparent pieces, and really elevates this build from good to great. And, naturally, these cannons fire bath bombs, not cannonballs. So if you don’t want to get hit by one… Duck!

The Rubber Duccaneers