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Brute – Bionicle and System never looked so good.

Seamlessly integrating System elements with Bionicle/Hero Factory elements is something I have been struggling to master for quite a while. This is apparently not such a struggle for Ian Barreto (~Ian) as evidenced by his Brute.


Ian says this was inspired by the Igor suit from Iron Man 3, which is apparent…but I prefer Ian’s.

Unique Starfighters are some delicious brain juice.

brain juice (breyn joos)
1. Something awesome that inspires you creatively.
2. Concept art that makes you want to play with LEGO elements

I am continually blown away by how creative people can be with designs of starfighters. They certainly are my favourite subject to build in, but I tend to stick pretty close to boilerplate styling. But seeing designs like these make me want to get more creative with my own builds. So on this chilly Wednesday morning, pull up a chair and sip on these steaming cups of brain juice…

P-Wing by Bartosz Sasiński

U-wing by halfbeak
U-Wing Polling Shot

XADHOOM by xiei22
Fly view! "XADHOOM" - Central industries Sky Ruler.

In the Studio With Orion Pax...Literally.

On the various LEGO fan sites, people will often share photos of their build spaces. Well, I think I am going to crown the winner of the absolute coolest LEGO workspace outside Billund. And it belongs to none other than TBB regular Alex Jones (Orion Pax).

Alex recently posted this amazing 360° view of his studio, and of course coupled it with some nice beats. So click the image below and be prepared to be wowed.

Alex told me that 5 years ago he couldn’t imagine himself having a space like this to work in, but he worked hard for a long time to get it. He also added, “Believe in your dreams and all that!” Which I think are wise words.

So now we know where Alex works his magic and creates goodies like his most recent piece…an ode to Snoop.

December 2013 Cover Photos

Well the Cover photos have once again been updated on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Heading into the holiday season I chose two images that seemed appropriate.

For Facebook, we get this hilarious representation of the absurdity that takes place on Black Friday by Gregory Coquelz. I know none of our wonderful readers would eat the brains of fellow shoppers just so they get their undead hands on that last LEGO Friends set, but the image is fitting of the season nonetheless.

Brick Friday

Twitter gets a brighter, happier image by Adam Dodge. Wouldn’t it be great if the world really were made out of LEGO and we were all little yellow minifigures? Just think of the peace and harmony. And if the armies of the world were only armed with flick fire missiles, war would be pretty ineffective and harmless.

We are the World

I see your magnifying glass and raise you a laser.

I don’t think a sadistic little boy would want to pull the wings off of this bug. He just may get a missile or a laser bolt up his jacksie if he tried.

Heavy Artillery Tank Beetle

If this sort of thing is what floats your boat, you better head on over to rongYIREN’s photostream because it is overflowing with goodies like this.