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Kickin’ It Old School with Paul B. Hartzog [Classic]

All right, time for another oldie but goodie. This time, it’s a ship that I’ve been trying to find for years. This was always one of my favourites from my time back on Classic Space Forums. However, over the years I had forgotten who had made it and therefore could not find it anywhere. All I really remembered was the vertically mounted x-pod lids on the sides of the ship, and the little communications array on the top using the minifig jackhammer. But wouldn’t you know it, I was browsing through Paul B. Hartzog’s back catalogue this morning and there it was in all its classic gloriousness.

So enough of my blabbing…I present the Salvage Seeker:



You simply must be sure to click through the entire photoset that I linked to above…this thing is a classic in all senses of the word and despite being 7 years old can easily hold it’s own against anything being produced today. Now that I have finally found it, I am certainly going to study the photoset and be making notes. I mean, just look at that striping! And the greebs!

They just don’t make ’em like this anymore!

TBB presents an Oldie But Goodie – Peregrine

We at The Brothers Brick were recently talking about whether there should be a statute of limitations on blogging a model. We obviously want to keep the majority of our posts fresh and new, but we all agreed that there are a lot of models in people’s back catalogues that deserve the spot light. Whether you have been around the community since LUGNET or are new this year, we think everyone will appreciate seeing these again or for the first time.

I will start us off with this classic by The Grandpappy, the Peregrine Multi-Role Starfighter. This has long been one of my favourite starfighters of all time. The combination of space superiority fighter and mecha will make any geek giddy. I also love the idea of treating the mecha frame as a weapons component as opposed to a permanent part of the design.

Peregrine - Multi-Role Starfighter

Peregrine - Multi-Role Starfighter

And I am always a giant sucker for an ordnance loadout shot:

Peregrine - Multi-Role Starfighter

So keep your eyes peeled for further OBG posts from time to time and join us in a trip down memory lane.