70708 Hive Crawler – Power Functions Upgrade

I was lucky enough to receive the awesome Hive Crawler set for Christmas from my sons. The thing is simply too much fun to push around with the creepy leg action and hilariously fun catapult. Nannan had done a review of the set back when it first came out.

Well Moritz (nolnet) has kicked up the cool factor big time. He integrated full remote control capability with power functions. Seeing this thing drive around is pure brilliance. Then when I saw the functional catapult action…yep, I totally giggled like a school girl. Check out the video below.

Remote Controlled Hive Crawler

3 comments on “70708 Hive Crawler – Power Functions Upgrade

  1. nir4life

    I would love to see how you did this! I want to do this to mine, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin… Unless you would be kind enough to show us how? ;-)

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