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Dan Rubin has been an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) since he became an adult. He joined the larger AFOL community on LUGNET in 2003, and that was also the year in which he attended his first BrickFest. Dan largely builds space MOCs, so it should come as no surprise that he is also the Main Admin of the forums at Classic-Space.com. He is also the creator of the Galactic Inquisition space theme. Dan has been a member of the LEGO Ambassador program since the third cycle of the program. Read more about the program here. You can check out Dan's LEGO creations on Flickr.

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John and Ian channel the 80s

Or so John Moffatt (John Moffatt) and Ian MacDonald (ABS doohickies) say. I think they’re just channeling awesome in this collaborative build. There are so many great details on this ship. My favorites are the ring (electromagnet perhaps?) on the front, the radar dish, and the engine arrangement itself. This ship has utilitarian workhorse written all over it (in gray). Make sure you check out some of the detail shots to get a good feel for this lovely bit of monochromatic space.

Channeling the 80's - Scott Kubrick Inspection Craft

War Doll is a Stampy Good Time

Brian Kescenovitz (mondayn00dle) brings us a fantastic little mecha. The first thing that struck me was the bulbous cockpit area, shaped out of bionicle pieces, it’s an awesome shape and great use of parts. The mecha also features some great piston-like details along the legs, interesting weapons, and an overall futuristic military feel I enjoy.

Assault WAR DOLL 3

The Wise Owl... Of Space

Alexander (Malydilnar) brings us a cool space fighter. This ship caught my eye, as I recognized it as inspired by the work of one of my favorite concept artists, Karanak. Ironically, this is one of my least favorite illustrations, and I thought I didn’t like the style of the ship. Seeing it assembled in Lego, though, my opinion has changed. Great job Alexander!


Life’s A Beach in Lego World

At least, it is for the residents of Miro Dudas’ (miro78) Lego world. His beach side fruit stand captures a nice tropical flavor. The small scene is packed with little details that take one to the islands. I think my favorite is the inclusion of a scooter, which brings me plenty of beach associations.

Beach Fruit Hut

I need a vacation.

Red Boots Was Made For Walking

Once again, I have spotted something, and then waited a week to post it. Once again, I still think it’s worth the post, and worth waiting for. I give you Red Boots, a mecha by Torokimasa. The builder had blended smooth curves and chunky greebles to great effect. He’s also made nice use of Bionicle/Hero Factory bits, especially at the knees. I bet this would be really fun to pose in an inner-city battle.


Watch out, this Scorpion can fly

Sci-Fi fighter planes are a common Lego creation, and it’s always nice to find one that’s a little different than the norm. That’s why this creation by Alexander (Malydilnar) caught my eye. Alexander has shirked flat, featureless sleekness of so many aircraft for an awesomely utilitarian look. This plane is packed with functional looking details and surface texture, while the various compound angles draw the eye around the MOC.


Mass Effect Reaper is a Harbinger of the End

This isn’t the first model of a Reaper featured here on The Brothers Brick, but it still warrants highlighting. Ben Caulkins (Benny Brickster) had done a great job of capturing the look of the largest space borne Reapers in the Mass Effect games. The creepy legs and eyes of the machine are perfectly represented.


Unitron Pushback

Everyone loves to build star fighters, and other space combat craft, or space racers, buy when was the last time you saw a truly utilitarian space creation? R. J. Waldman (*jwaldo*) seems to have recognized this gap, and brings us a pretty fantastic star port support vehicle. I’ve long been fascinated by the geometry of airport support vehicles, they really bring minimalist and ultilitarian aesthetics home. This creation does a great job of capturing that look, and it also includes a lot of cool details and play features. There are built in stairs and cabinets, and I really dig the grill riding platforms sticking off the back.

Unitron Pushback

WRX and Effects

As a Subaru WRX owner, I’m always happy to see one. So, I was quite excited to see this STI model on Brickshelf. In fact, I probably would have blogged it just for being a great looking model of a great car (even though it isn’t blue). As it turns out, it’s far more than a good model, this thing has a four-speed reversible gearbox, awd, and the appropriate boxer engine. Make sure you check out the video too!

Hat tip to Jan for posting this on Facebook!