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Dan Rubin has been an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) since he became an adult. He joined the larger AFOL community on LUGNET in 2003, and that was also the year in which he attended his first BrickFest. Dan largely builds space MOCs, so it should come as no surprise that he is also the Main Admin of the forums at Classic-Space.com. He is also the creator of the Galactic Inquisition space theme. Dan has been a member of the LEGO Ambassador program since the third cycle of the program. Read more about the program here. You can check out Dan's LEGO creations on Flickr.

Posts by Dan

A Drop of Color Draws the Eye

This little diorama from A Plastic Infinity (A Plastic Infinity) really caught my attention. The majority is in monotone, which makes the few elements of color really draw the eye. The transparent blue flowing from the mining bot (which is a brilliant little sphere) catches the eye, while still seeming a bit muted. I, like the sentry bot, was immediately intrigued by the red dot growing nearby.

Something Different

Make sure you check out his full gallery, as there are several other creations there that I’ve been tempted to post over the past few weeks.

A Pelican unrelated to Halo

Thomas W Sylon-tw brings us an aircraft befitting the name Pelican. The fat belly of this beast evokes the cavernous beak of the avian namesake, and is perfect for a cargo hauler. Long time readers may recall that I too, have used this name for a Cato craft.

Name aside, this is a cool plane. The fat belly is an interesting and unusual shape. The color blocking is excellent, and the emblem looks great, popping on a field of blue. The engines bring a nice level of detail and grit to balance the smooth simplicity of the fuselage.

C-14 Pelican

New Soviet Republic – блоха

A new creation from me, though it’s actually a year old. For some time, I’ve imagined that my Iron Mountain Legion creations needed an enemy. Not just an enemy, but a worth match, beyond the stereotypical post apocalyptic marauders and mutants. My intention was to build something that looked like it belonged in the same world, but with a clearly different design aesthetic. I hope I’ve succeeded, but will let our readers be the judge.

The name means “Flea,” at least if Google translate has steered me right. The shape certainly reminds me of the tiny biting insect, anyway

New Soviet Republic - блоха 08

V is for V-Wing, Among Other Things

Since 1977, there has been no shortage of Star Fighters being built inspired by various letters of the alphabet. While I don’t find the resemblance to the letter V particularly striking in this ship, I think that may be a good thing. A little subtlety in approaching the lettering system is part of what makes this ship by halfbeak () good. The use of a Christmas tree ornament for a cockpit is very well executed, and blends well with the other organic elements of the build.

“Juggernaut” Anti-Tesla Heavy Hardsuit

I’d like to imagine that Gary (Garry) was repeatedly saying “I’m the Juggernaut” in his best Vinnie Jones voice as he assembled this. I love the use of a bionicle mask for armor on a minifig hardsuit. It looks great, and although this is a virtual MOC, the connection looks legit. If I had any of these masks, I’d be tempted to try it out! The choice of head for the pilot is also a very clever addition, really making use of the eye-slots.