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Ratchet & Ironhide LEGO!

Judging by his blog, Alanyuppie is a both a LEGO and a Transformers fan…which pretty much makes him a guy after my own heart. His latest creations are pretty spot on representations of two of my favourite G1 characters, Ironhide and Ratchet. The G1 toys of these guys were, how to put it…odd to say the least. So the fact that Alan made these models transform to be just like the characters from the cartoon makes them just that much more awesome. These are very well engineered and designed to look just like the original characters…Michael Bay should take notes!

LEGO Ironhide and Ratchet

Alan has two great posts about the build & design process for these models, both the vehicle modes and the bot modes.

LEGO Ironhide

LEGO Ratchet

And not a General Motors product in sight…

LEGO BTTF & Lone Ranger train kitbash is inevitable but awesome

We generally don’t highlight LEGO models that primarily include only official sets, but this one is too cool — and frankly, rather creative — to pass up. Stuart Miles over at Pocket-lint has combined the new LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean set with the LEGO Lone Ranger Constitution Train Chase set to recreate an iconic scene from Back to the Future III.

LEGO BTTF and Lone Ranger kitbash

Head on over to for more photos and Stuart’s write-up.

The Baddest Mech on Wheels

There’s so much more to love about this awesome mech by Bermudafreze than just those transfixing blue Chima wheels, but I can’t take my eyes off of them. I think Bermudafreze holds the current title for best use of that part. The rest of the mech could stand on its own (haha) even without them, with that dark tan color scheme, great armor design, and sweet cockpit.

Copperhead rear view

“Aut Caesar aut nullus, Emperor of the world!”

I’ve only recently grown to appreciate the silent-screen and 1940’s The Great Dictator was the film that hooked me. TBB fixture Stefan Schindler (Brainbikerider) shares a similar affection for the movie and has brought his considerable building skill to the task of recreating its most often cited sequence. According to StefanEver since I saw the first pictures of the little Lego globe, I dreamed of building the iconic scene of Charlie Chaplin’s ballet with the globe in “The Great Dictator”, which is one of my most favourite movies.” This isn’t the first time TBB has featured a diorama from The Great Dictator, back in 2008 we introduced readers to a model by Piglet that effectively tackled another scene entirely.

The Great Dictator

Long live the Imp King

Vlad Lisin ([Rhymes_Shelter]) checks in for the second week in a row with a dinotastic Bionicle creation he calls The Imp King, that looks like a creature ripped from a Guillermo del Toro movie. I can always count on Vlad for just the right background to complement the model.


It’s a little slow this weekend, constant reader, you must have other things to do than sequester yourself with our favorite toy. Don’t be afraid to call in on the ‘long distance dedication line’ if you have a contemporary tune you’d like to hear, I’ll take the 7th caller…

Nadie se escapa del sabueso!

I’ve been a big fan of -Tayasuune- since he hit Flickr in 2008. Craig has developed a unique style to his near-future science fiction vehicles that is easy to identify, even from a great distance. The Prototype – A12b ISV ‘Sabueso’ is one of Craig’s recent models that really shows off some great angles and perfect stud-management.

Prototype - A12b ISV 'Sabueso'

Because it’s a slow day, and I am such a big fan of the builder, enjoy a brilliant little scene from January of last year called Cell Block 23.

Cell Block 23

The Dragon Arena beckons you! Time to fight!

Friday Night Fights is on hiatus this weekend, but that doesn’t mean we’re leaving fight-fans without some bread and circuses in the meantime. Imagine Rigney (Imagineā„¢) would like to invite you to his Ninjago Dragon Arena to prove your mad Spinjitzu skills that you’re always bragging about. The mosaic face on the arena floor is an eye-catcher and so is the gray samurai statue. I’ve never been more tempted to play the game than when I saw this arena, or more tempted to build my own. I can only imagine the delight this would produce in young fans of the Ninjago theme; it must be something akin to Spinjitzu nirvana.

Ninjago Dragon Arena