The Art of Violence

No, it’s not the subtitle of the latest Jason Statham movie or a poorly translated version of Sun Tzu’s classic text, it is a building contest sponsored by the new-age musical duo Siercon and Coral. I will let Sean and Steph explain the concept:

This is a stylized ‘Violence’ Contest. This is all about art. This is NOT a contest in which we primarily want to see hacked limbs and excessive amounts of blood. A more artistic and graceful scene will score far higher than any simple depiction of slaughter.

However, make it meaningful, sober, deadly, and more importantly… artistic. Many Asian movies have done this exceedingly well. ‘Hero’ is one of these movies in our opinion. (Please use discretion if you intend to watch, as there are some questionable scenes). Artistically speaking, however, it is one of our favorite movies.

Here are three of the best early entries to inspire and motivate you, if the custom trophy provided by Sean and Steph isn’t enough motivation. For the rest of the boilerplate (details, restrictions and minutia) head over to the Art of Violence thread on the Lego Contest Network Flickr Group.

First up is “The Last Stand” by TBB favorite Mark of Falworth.
(LCC) The Last Stand.

The middle-man is Ru Corder and his “Fall like a thunderbolt“.

Fall Like a Thunderbolt

The triad is complete with .Bricko’s ode to Pat Benatar, “Love is a Battlefield“.

Love Is A Battlefield

I have to admit that I was a little disappointed that the last entry had nothing to do with dancing pimps and working girls. My advice to you, constant reader, should you enter the fray, is to avoid the color red…it seems to be dominating the early entries. Good luck to everyone involved with the contest!