Ratchet & Ironhide Transformers...in LEGO!

Judging by his blog, Alanyuppie is a both a LEGO and a Transformers fan…which pretty much makes him a guy after my own heart. His latest creations are pretty spot on representations of two of my favourite G1 characters, Ironhide and Ratchet. The G1 toys of these guys were, how to put it…odd to say the least. So the fact that Alan made these models transform to be just like the characters from the cartoon makes them just that much more awesome. These are very well engineered and designed to look just like the original characters…Michael Bay should take notes!

LEGO Ironhide and Ratchet

Alan has two great posts about the build & design process for these models, both the vehicle modes and the bot modes.

LEGO Ironhide

LEGO Ratchet

And not a General Motors product in sight…