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Look out! Melusines are falling from the sky!

First of all, I want to apologize in advance for what might possibly become a large influx of Maschinen Krieger geekery on my part over the next couple of months.

Apparently when it rains it pours…because today there has been two Melusine hardsuits posted by two different Flickr members. The Melusine has to be one of my favourite Ma.K suits simply because of it’s odd proportions. So seeing these two posts absolutely made my day!

First one was done by Logan (CaptainInfinity), and is a perfect accompaniment to his SAFS Raccoon that I featured the other day.

Ma.K Melusine

As much as I wanted to, I wasn’t going to post Logan’s after seeing it this morning because I didn’t want people to think that all I am going to feature are his Ma.K suits. But when LEGOLIZE IT MAN posted his CAD version, enough was enough…I just couldn’t resist any longer.

melusine take 1

The thing I love about both of these builds, is that they have each used very different buiding techniques and styles to represent the source material. Both are unique, yet still are very recognizable.

Now, I promise that I will make sure that I post other things besides just Ma.K creations…

More Awesome Lego Vehicles from The Dark Knight Rises by Tiler

Flickr user Tiler has recently been working through creating various vehicles from The Dark Knight Rises in Lego form. We featured his Tumbler models not long ago, but he’s been hard at work since then adding to the roster. Although we’ve seen many fantastic versions of Batman’s vehicles over the years, but what grabbed me about Tiler’s creations is that they’re in a much smaller scale than most of what we see, without lacking in detail. His latest vehicle is Bane’s truck, which is an awesome monstrosity, and Tiler has perfectly captured the extreme industrial-military look of it. Be sure to also check out his Batbike (below) and terrific Bat.

The simpler things in life.

Sometimes all you need are a small number of pieces to create something wonderful. That is exactly what Brickshelf user Jetboy (badjoy) did with this Black Temple. The use of the technic tread links to form the columns of the Greek style temple is ingenious!

You can also find more on his Flickr account.

Big thanks to Titolian for pointing this out to me.

Collectible Minifigs Series 8 Is Hitting Stores Now [Review]

Evil RobotIn the USA, at least, Series 8 of the insanely popular Collectible Minifigs is trickling out. A few days ago, I picked up a full set (minus one, due to an improper baggy identification on my part) and have thoroughly enjoyed them. I wasn’t nearly as excited for this line as I had been for previous ones; I think in part because the novelty is just wearing off at this point, 8 series in. But once I got my hands on them and took a good close look at them, my trepidations fell away, and I went back to feeling that the Collectible Minifigs are as awesome as ever.

The evil robot was an awesome surprise. I hadn’t seen images of it without the helmet on before I bought it, so the head was totally new to me. It’s a fantastic print, and almost has a mechanical skull vibe. ConquistadorOther favorites of mine are the Diver, Thespian, and Conquistador. I’m probably just a sucker for period costumes, though. The Thespian, or Shakespeare, as I think he looks, is probably my favorite of the lot. Renaissance figures haven’t been common in LEGO, with most Castle figs being much earlier in style, and predominantly militaristic. On that note, though, the Conquistador is a great military figure from this same general time period, and really makes me want to revisit the old Armada theme of the 90’s. The Faerie was also a surprise to me, as I expected the wings to be flimsy plastic, like the wings on the angel keychain. Instead they’re a hard ABS molded neck-piece, which is far superior.

DiverOddly, the Diver is the only one of the lot with printing on the back. He’s super fun, though, with the chunky lead shoes (just 1×1’s) and a huge faceplate, which is actually a magnifying glass piece.

Many of the other figs, to me, are much less interesting, however, like the Skier and Cheerleader, which are basically differently colored re-issues of previous figures.

Perijove’s LEGO MSL Curiosity Rover hits 10K on CUUSOO [News]

UPDATE (June 14, 2013): LEGO MSL Curiosity Rover is go for launch!


Back on August 5th when I first highlighted the excellent Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover project by Stephen Pakbaz (Perijove) on LEGO CUUSOO, the project had been online for about eight months and had accumulated about 1,300 votes.

In a sign that timing is everything (with a little help from a few friends on the web), Stephen’s Curiosity project hit 10,000 supporters this weekend. In fact, the project gained its final 5,000 supporters in less than 24 hours.

LEGO Curiosity Rover with skycrane

(I wanted to use a picture of the model we haven’t already used several times here on the blog. Stephen’s proposed model for the project doesn’t include the skycrane, but how awesome would that be?!)

I used Stephen’s instructions to build the rover myself yesterday, and it’s a really excellent model. The build itself was very enjoyable, and I even learned a few SNOT techniques I hadn’t seen before. The final model includes so much detail and functionality it’s really fun to play with, in addition to being just shy of fully functional (with working “rocker bogie” suspension, stowable mast & arm, and little details like forward and rear haz-cams).

LEGO MSL Rover instructions

However, Stephen’s rover does include a handful of unusual parts, and parts in quantities or colors that I don’t have (especially the Technic parts for a mainly SYSTEM builder like me). Even with my substantial, relatively well-sorted collection, it took me the better part of an afternoon to dig around and gather all the parts, and I still had to place a couple small Bricklink orders to replace parts I don’t have at all in the right colors.

All of this is to say that an official set will be a great way to easily get all of the necessary building materials for a reasonable price — as I’m sure LEGO won’t be charging $2 for the white bracket (of which the model requires two), for example.

Congratulations to Stephen, and I can’t wait to see how LEGO handles this particular project. Specifically, I’d love to see LEGO accelerate the approval of this project, given LEGO’s existing partnership with NASA, the clear educational value of the model, and the current “space fever” gripping the world.

Finally, in case you missed it last week, be sure to check out our interview with Stephen Pakbaz (who worked at JPL as an engineer on the Curiosity project) right here on TBB.

R-6 Froghopper Reconnaissance Walker

We all know Jon Hall (JonHall18) can make amazing Sky-Fi planes…they have been featured several times on TBB. Well the other day he excited many of us when he posted a design sketch of a couple mecha. The result is rather amazing, Jon absolutely excels at getting very non-LEGO shapes out the brick!

R-6 Froghopper

Be sure to check out the full photo set for all the views!

Is that Ma.K I smell?!?

Those that know me, know that I love Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K). However, it had been a while since I built anything in the style (about 8 or 9 months actually). Well my tweaking began shortly after I posted Logan’s updated Fireball. Then when he posted his minifig scale SAFS Raccoon…well I completely fell off the wagon at that point.

Ma.k Racoon

His brilliant design really got me itchin’ to build a suit that was more of a proper scale compared to minifigs than what my previous designs achieved. And as a small ode to Tim Gould’s original, I thought I would try and replicate his look (because his really is responsible for introducing me to the genre years ago). After some quick LEGO playing before bedtime with my son tonight we came up with a pretty fun little design that should be relatively easy to replicate in different variations…I have to say that I am quite pleased with the result actually :)


For those interested, I also did a fun little stop motion instructional video :P
SAFS - Instructional Video

EDIT: Pascal (pasukaru76) has now created instructions in LDraw.

So needless to say, I think it is a safe bet that I will be producing more Ma.K deliciousness in the near future…stay tuned!

LEGO Lord of the Rings video game trailer & gameplay footage

In case you’d missed it, TT Games will be releasing its latest LEGO video game, LEGO Lord of the Rings, in October 2012.

Here’s the latest trailer.

And here’s the original teaser trailer.

Finally, here’s a lengthy interview over actual gameplay footage.

To be 100% honest, as much as I love what our friends over at TT Games do, the last few LEGO video games I’ve played have all seemed a bit alike. There’s a limit to the amount of entertainment I can get from appreciating the wonderful in-game models created by Carl Greatrix and the other talented model builders before the familiar gameplay itself takes center stage.

But the combination of LEGO, The Lord of the Rings, actual voice acting, and (possibly) some different gameplay mechanics all has me pretty excited.

(Via FBTB.)