Desalination plant

Gilcelio Chagas from LUG Brasil is known for his miniland scale cars, but his recent model is something much different – a desalination plant made for an electrical engineering project. There are numerous details in the elements and custom decals, which you can appreciate in the Flickr set.

Island desalination

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  1. BrickEngraver

    As a former ORC (Operator in Responsible Charge) of a water treatment plant and now a sewer plant, have never figured out how LEGO can build a city without a water plant and a sewer plant-the only two pieces of infrastructure that are really an absolute necessity for civilization to exist. This would be a good concept for a LEGO kit. Water is the limiting factor for all human growth. And impure water kills more people than all other causes combined including war and famine. So LEGO, take up the environmental torch and create a LEGO water plant and a LEGO sewer plant (pc term is Waste Water Treatment Plant or WWTP). Your cities have to have And think about the educational value of such a kit. Could really figure out where our water comes from (an it is not out of a faucet) and when our poop goes to make it harmless. This or a conventional plant should be required for every LEGO city. As well as a poop treatment plant. (PTP). Minifigs have to drink and poop also. Otherwise why are there cups for them and toilettes?

    If someone builds them, I will write the manual (not the building instructions but how it works). And we could use engraved and printed pieces and not those silly decals-lol.

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