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The Battle of Cherbourg in LEGO

Immediately after the start of the Normandy invasion on D-Day, Allied forces began a battle for the strategic port city of Cherbourg that lasted more than three weeks. My diorama highlights the aftermath of the battle, when townspeople begin emerging from the rubble, while Free French partisans hoist the Tricolour above their safe house.

The Liberation of Cherbourg (1)

The diorama features an updated version of my M4 Sherman tank:

M4 Sherman tank - V2 (1)

For more photos, check out the photoset on Flickr, and you’ll be able to see this in person in just over a month as part of the Operation Bricklord collaborative display at BrickCon 2010.

Cool in any language

I don’t pretend to be able to read or pronounce the name of this new mecha by Dane Erland (Lord Dane). That doesn’t stop me from knowing that I like the CEC Podróżujący – czworonóg, though.

There are a lot of excellent details on this creation, starting with the well sculpted small turret on top. I also think that the gears and other bits at the joints of the legs really help give them a functional look. The use of minifig vests to vary the thickness of the legs is also a nice touch, especially using an old castle logo to add insignia to the creation.

CEC Podróżujący - czworonóg