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Pictures of late 2008 LEGO Star Wars sets leaked [LEGO]

Many Bothans died to bring you this, well not really. Here are preliminary pictures of the late 2008 Star Wars sets brought to you by Eurobricks. It looks like Episode 2 clone troopers are making a return!

UPDATE: For photos of late 2008 LEGO Star Wars sets, check out our more recent coverage of Toy Fair New York 2008.

Buy LEGO: 2008 Indiana Jones sets now available from the LEGO Shop

The main LEGO Shop page on hasn’t been updated yet, but the new Indiana Jones sets are now available from the LEGO Shop online.

You can get all four sets in the Indiana Jones™ Classic Adventures Collection. In fact, if you buy them from that link, you’ll be helping us pay the bills. ;-)

And now for a celebrity endorsement.

(Josie the dachshund is the celebrity, not me. She’s in a book.)

Destroyer of very small civilizations

Look familiar? It’s a microscale version of Nannan’s Armageddon tank! Both Nannan and I were fooled when we saw this come up in our contacts’ photostreams, so kudos to Adrian Drake for such an excellent itty bitty Armageddon!

Check out several more “Micro Fanboy Creations” in the full photoset on Flickr.