So, what’d you get for Christmas?

My lovely wife apparently went out at the last minute and found both 7620 Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase and 7621 Indiana Jones and the Lost Tomb.

Naturally, I spent Christmas morning savoring the build:

Oh, and I can’t wait to play LEGO Indiana Jones next summer on my new Wii:

I hope everyone got what they wanted for Christmas — I sure did! :-D

12 comments on “So, what’d you get for Christmas?

  1. Scotty!

    I got no laygoes XD
    Its ok, I didn’t ask for any, but I got plenty of other great stuff!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. pe668

    The “Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase” set could have fallen off the top shelve onto my wifes head and she still wouldn’t have known it on my must buy list.

  3. pe668

    Nice score with the Indiana Jones Motorcycle Chase. But you know the wifes been shopping when video games are WII format, I mean what about Call of Duty 4, Crysis, God of War II or even Halo 3.

  4. Ty

    I got (sadly) 1 Lego set this year. The Magnet bricks which actually are more handy then they look! I’ve made already made “Floating Vignettes” protruding from my closet door!

  5. David

    You got a DS and a Wii?!

    And Mario Kart and Smash Brothers comes out in 2008, so I have no clue what “shovelware for a year” means.

  6. theestampede

    so the sets are out now? yay guess Im going on a hunt sometime this week.
    also Douglas Coupland kicks ass

  7. prince guy


    something built 4 wii the people, wii the community, a wiiward 4 the public, (but my favorite)- wiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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