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Halo LEGO by Brian Kescenovitz

As I said a couple months ago, there’s not a lot of originality in LEGO creations inspired by Halo. My general feeling of dissatisfaction with Halo LEGO extends to my own Master Chief minifig, who I intend to replace soon (despite being featured on Joystiq yesterday).

Still, the game continues to inspire the occasional beauty, such as this true-color Ghost and brick-built Elite by Brian Kescenovitz:

Note that some of the previous Ghosts and Banshees so popular on the Web weren’t built with actual purple bricks like this one is — they were Photoshopped. Here’s Brian’s Warthog:

Don’t miss the rest of Brian‘s Halo creations:


I know my brother’s going to resent me for saying this, but first-born children tend to get all the photographic attention — at least until the second kid comes along. The first five years of my life were meticulously photographed by my mom and dad, including a handful of photos documenting my early love of LEGO. Here I am showing off some unrecognizable creation, circa 1978:

I think this one’s a bit earlier, from about 1977:

From 1977 to 2007 and from Basic bricks to Cafe Corner, this post brings my LEGO hobby full circle. I wonder what the next 30 years will bring!

So, do you have any old photos of yourself playing with LEGO as a kid?

Mecha Links for May 20, 2007

Want to build Naoe-Force? Kazuyoshi Naoe is three posts in to a continuing series of step-by-step instructions on his blog:

Channana3‘s top-heavy robots and kwi-chang‘s “LSF-004 Fantasma” starfighter:

Sugegasa’s racing brooms and magical cannon:

And a platform for his broom racers to take a break:

Izzo gets in on some transforming action and a squat little black mecha:

Squieu‘s chess-themed “Guard Bots” (via Moyblik) and Dan Sibley‘s “Benaelem”: