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Dimunative, Miniscule, Small, Very Tiny Robots!

Mecha can be pretty big, but Brickshelfer MACHA goes the other direction with a series of tiny creations inspired by Gundam. Click the image to see multiple galleries of pint-size creations:

(Check out the itty-bitty Guncannon in the middle of the picture!)

My only disappointment is that MACHA hasn’t created Gundam itself. Oh well, we can hope for an update.

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Chad Ivany’s Gate House

The castles I built twenty years ago were merely extensions to official LEGO sets, in the same, predictable style. These days, builders like Chad Ivany don’t limit themselves to rows of those wall pieces with little windows in them. Chad’s latest creation is a gate house fit for the greatest of medieval kings (click for full gallery):

In addition to lots of great detail on the outer wall, Chad has included wooden structures and a scene full of minifigs on the inside:

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Poetry Vignettes by Bill Ward

I love poetry more than I love LEGO (shock!), so it’s nice when I can blog a little poetry here on The Brothers Brick. Posting in the middle of the night while at BrickFest, Bill Ward gives me just such an opportunity with his set of six beautiful poetry vignettes. Here are my three favorites.

“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost:

“Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” by Frost:

“Yonder See the Morning Blink” by A.E. Housman:

Be sure to check out his other great vignettes as well:

  • Loveliest of Trees, the Cherry Now” by Housman
  • Mending Wall” by Frost
  • To an Athlete Dying Young” by HousmanĀ 

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  • X-Rayed LEGO

    Have you ever wondered what an X-ray of LEGO would look like? Neither have I, which is why Brickshelfer Menoriel’s new gallery of ghostly images is so fascinating. Here’s what Obi-Wan and Darth look like under those crazy invisible rays (click for more):

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    Elemental Warriors by Tac

    Brickshelfer Tac makes some pretty awesome Mecha with a great deal of detail. It’s no surprise, then, that Tac has great skill in creating power suits. I’m hoping Tac will soon expand these “Elemental Warriors” to include more elements.

    In the meantime, here’s “Heat”:

    And “Ice”:

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    Moko’s latest mecha is gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh, or at least plastic. Viddy this zammechat mecha (via Snoikle and Builder’s Block):

    To do some real ultraviolence, what this beastie needs, my droogs, is a great big pooshka on its rooker. And nozhs for zoobies. Appy polly loggies for my strange chepooka today, O my brothers. (Need a hint? It’s orange. It’s mechanical. Get it?)

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    James Turley’s Steam Dart

    Tubes and pipes? Check. Adventurers minifig? Check. Greebles everywhere? Check. Guages and wheels? Check. Large props to keep the monstrosity airborne? Check. Result? Steampunkilicious!

    Classic Spacer James Turley goes all steamy with his “Steam Dart”:

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