Monthly Archives: August 2006

Soren’s Mini Advance Wars Units

Advance Wars is by far my favorite Game Boy Advance game, Advance Wars 2 is just as good, and Battalian Wars for Nintendo GameCube totally rocked. As if the game’s units weren’t tiny enough, Soren has successfully distilled them down to mini-scale:

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The Latest from Cerebruminc

Snoikle has a great interview with Philip Painter (Brickshelf), discussing the design inspiration and building process behind his latest spacecraft, LL928. Here’s the freighter in question:

While we’re at it, here’s a great “multi-role vehicle,” or MRV:

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Take this, Cute Overload!

Fine. Be that way. If Cute Overload won’t blog my LEGO+animals submissions, I’ll post them myself. Next time I’m totally submitting to Adorablog instead. Hmph.

From Japanese blogger Bon, we have a post titled “Summer Vacation,” featuring an adorably tiny frog demonstrating Rule of Cuteness #14 next to a bald minifig:

Flickr user joocyfrewt presents Pancho the teddybear hamster, whose high BEF is compensated for by looking sleepy, sitting in a house made of LEGO:

So there, CO.

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Samara the Witch

Eurobricks member and Brickshelfer “Apophis Voo” presents Samara the Witch. Given that she’s a minifig, I suspect she weighs less than a duck:

What I like about Samara is that Apophis has combined bits and pieces from lots of different themes to create an awesome fantasy minifig. I also think this is the first time I’ve seen Draco Malfoy’s head used on a female fig.

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Dimunative, Miniscule, Small, Very Tiny Robots!

Mecha can be pretty big, but Brickshelfer MACHA goes the other direction with a series of tiny creations inspired by Gundam. Click the image to see multiple galleries of pint-size creations:

(Check out the itty-bitty Guncannon in the middle of the picture!)

My only disappointment is that MACHA hasn’t created Gundam itself. Oh well, we can hope for an update.

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