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Tuesday morning tiff: Nate DeCastro vs. Jon Hall

For understandable real-world reasons, last week was a bit of a slow LEGO week, so I’m not surprised Keith didn’t get a chance to do a second “Friday Night Fight.” When I got caught up on LEGO and encountered this sky-fi fighter, I thought to myself, “Ah, excellent — Jon Hall has built another gorgeous plane.”

Except that this P-64 Dragonfly is actually by Nate DeCastro! Nate’s fighter sports an Octan color scheme and a rain-specked canopy effect added in post-production. The blur on the tail is also a nice touch.


Of course, Jon Hall himself has indeed built another gorgeous plane. His T-68 Banshee includes round bricks embedded in arches and classic World War II livery.

T-68 Banshee

Fantastic Aircraft Models by Sydag

I was looking through flickr user’s Sydag’s new aircraft models earlier, and was shocked to discover that we’ve never featured any of his stunning airplanes here before. Sydag has been building some of the best small aircraft to be found, including this latest pair of Hawker Sea Furies, decked out for the Reno Air Races. Be sure to check out the other photos of them, as Sydag’s included lots of terrific details like folding wings and a de-cowled version.

Furies Unleashed

While I’d love to highlight all of his planes, this lovely version of Porco Rosso’s plane from Miyazaki’s film grabbed my attention in particular. It looks spot on, and the display is wonderful.

Savoia S.21

The Thunderbird Bolts into Action

Jon Hall’s latest Sky-fi fighterplane is quite electrifying, employing a concept that’s rather brilliant and makes me wish I’d thought of it. Rigged with a pair of giant tesla coils, it can zap its targets at the speed of light. Beyond a terrific premise, though, Hall’s work is outstanding as always, with great shaping and coloring.

T-160 Thunderbird

Karibachi San Zero sky-fi fighter with bonus mini-mecha

We’ve gone far too long without featuring a lovely sky-fi fighter by Fredo (Fredoichi). Fredo’s Karibachi San Zero incorporates minifig legs in some really interesting ways.

Karibachi San Zero - Sky Fighter

And since we didn’t feature them while he was building these mecha back in September, here’s a roundup of four awesome variations on a theme.

Mecha Classes roundup

Welcome, there is one point left on your license

Jean-Phillippe Lajoie Dorval (zwiti) was inspired to build this can by the comic book “Les cercles du pouvoir,” which also inspired the film, The Fifth Element. It looks like they didn’t change the style much for the movie, because this is a great likeness of the cabs in the movie. It looks accurate right down to a door with a hinge on top.

Chrysler Rubanis Taxicab (front view)