Fly the friendly skies

Synchronicity is a funny thing, and in a hobby where we have a limited palette of parts but a near-infinite number of possible builds, surprisingly rarely seen.

However, Cagerrin and Damien Labrousse both had a similar idea recently, which they executed in strikingly different ways.

Cagerrin’s Kyusu A9W1 is a riveted piece of dieselpunk Sky-Fi, with smoothly curved angles and a plethora of real-world detailing, such as the complex night-fighting radar array in front.

Kyusu A9W1 Sōden(躁電) "Jess"

While keeping the same basic structure, Damien’s Space Wulf 190 is a spinier space-worthy fighter, similarly clad in a retro vibe but this time harking back to 70’s scifi.

Space wulf 190

Both builders credit anime as a primary source of inspiration; Sky Crawlers for Cagerrin and Captain Harlock for Damien. The design archetype also shows up in Wings of Honneamise, as built by Mike Psiaki with this classic.

1 comment on “Fly the friendly skies

  1. Ca'gerrin

    Dunno about the nose on the 190 (too straight?), though I like 1×4-to-1×2 curved slope bumps and the rear end is pure sex. Wish I had the chops to pull off wing-root intakes that well.

    Also on a historical note: I designed the plane about a year and a half back and finished the build ~5 months ago. Guess all I had to do was take decent pictures of it~

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