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“Woe, destruction, ruin, and decay....”

It is really hard to build good ruins and decent post-apoc is even harder to find these days. That is why I was happy to see this little MOC by TheCrΘw. What really jumped out at me was the detail in the walls and the broken, exposed interior structure. This is a really well-thought out little build.

Raider Outpost

Unexplored Ruins

Kyle Collard (Lazer Blade) displayed this beautifully crafted ruined castle at Brick Fiesta last weekend. This edited photo shows all the details of the decay and lends itself to insta-faves.

Unexplored Ruins

Monochrome Ruins in LEGO

Recently the Polish LEGO club LUGPol ran a challenge to build a monochrome LEGO model. I think we can agree that Hippotam more than succeeded in meeting the challenge and making a great model with his “Destruction of Pompeii“. I’d like to see more people try building in just one colour.

Destruction Of Pompeii

14 of the best post-apocalyptic LEGO models of all time

It’s December 21 now in the Mayan heartland, and the apocalypse seems to have passed us by. (For the record, historians and archaeologists agree that the Maya never actually predicted the end of the world today.) What better way to celebrate than with a roundup of the best post-apocalyptic LEGO creations we’ve featured here over the years!

To give you a sense of how the genre has evolved over the years, I’m listing them in chronological order.

First up, Adrian Drake‘s “Forest Sentinel” was debuted at BrickFest in 2006 and remains one of my favorites to this day.

LEGO Forest Sentinel mecha diorama by Adrian Drake

Tyler Clites spent the better part of 2007 building post-apocalyptic LEGO models, popularizing the brown-and-gray aesthetic that remained in effect for the next several years.

LEGO post-apoc diorama by Tyler Clites

Brian Kescenovitz combined Nannan’s Black Fantasy theme with a post-apocalyptic diorama in “Ephram’s Garden” back in 2008.

LEGO Black Fantasy Ephram's Garden diorama by Brian Kescenovitz

See all of the best ApocaLEGO models after the jump!

Towering ruins

Kevin Fedde (Crimson Wolf) rebuilt his original La Isla de los Tiburones and the improvements are obvious. The elevation of the tower above the rocks makes the MOC more interesting to look at.

La Isla de los Tiburones

Ruins on the Thomshill River

Another entry into Classic-Castle’s Colossal Castle Contest IX, Knight Eklund shows us something serene and beautiful with this lonely tomb on a hill.

You can see more photos in his photostream, and the entry gallery on flickr.

Tomb of the Beloved

When I first got into the LEGO hobby, I built a ton of small-ish creations, but never posted them. The first thing I posted for anyone to see was the Ruins of Mourning. It was something I was incredibly proud of. Still am, in fact.

Three years ago, I ended up entering sort of a building hiatus. I still talked about LEGO, and bought sets, and attended events, but I couldn’t build. Most of my collection had ended up in storage. Circumstances, such as they are, have changed rather drastically, and now me and my collection have been reunited.

So, I present The Tomb of the Beloved.

The parallel between the Ruins of Mourning and the Tomb of the Beloved weren’t planned, but I think the metaphor fits rather nicely.

More photos (including WIP shots) can be found in the Flickr gallery.

A monastery in ruins

Barney Main (SlyOwl) is known for his action-packed, medium-sized castle dioramas. His newest creation depicts the dissolution of a monastery 1536 under Henry VIII. There are lots of details and techniques to soak in, including the roof, the window designs, and the chandeliers and altar in the interior.