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Mr Bean races to the finish on the roof of his classic Mini Cooper

Ryan McNaught has recreated this memorable scene from the Mr Bean TV series. The charming character can be seen here taking an optimal vantage point by steering his car from a chair strapped to the roof, while he uses a broom to access the pedals. The Mini Cooper has a great build, which must have taken some planning to portray the rounded angles of the vehicle. The face of the character is instantly recognizable, as Ryan included Mr. Bean’s prominent eyebrows and even the mole on his cheek. But perhaps it is actually Mr. Bean’s Teddy who is pulling the strings as the stuffed animal sits in the driver’s seat…

Mr Bean's car by Ryan McNaught

All this needs is a chair

Some images need no further introduction. This goes for Calin’s latest LEGO creation. The scene of Mr. Bean in his armchair on top of his little mini is just iconic and it would truly surprise me if there was a soul on the internet who had never seen it or wouldn’t recognize it. Or maybe this will just be a not so gentle reminder to me, that I am getting old. And that there is an entire younger generation who does not have the same frame of reference.

Gone shoppin'!

Rowan Atkinson reveals that he actually did the stunt himself. There however was a second person in the car doing the actual driving. As Calin mentions in the description they are currently out shopping for parts for the armchair to complete this model. I can not wait to see this one topped off with an armchair and a mop/broom contraption to put the pedal to the metal.