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A charmed LEGO cottage

A quaint little stone cabin in the woods is overgrown with vines and flowers. Far from a creepy, stereotypical witch’s home, this project by builder Castor Troy, in collaboration with builder Max Brich, was focused on giving witches a better image. The creatures of the forest seem to love gathering around this witch’s delightful cottage. The builders sought after a more rehabilitated, benevolent witch, emphasizing the magical relationship with nature and their healing abilities, instead of reinforcing negative stereotypes. Wooden accents define the edges of the stonework wall using brown hinges and a little bit of LEGO geometry. Angled roofs snugly cover the home, as a cobbled chimney rises up next to a lovely A-frame roof as tall as the tree next door.

Witch House on Lego Ideas

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LEGO Harry Potter 76399 Hogwarts Magical Trunk [Review]

Now, this is something we haven’t seen before. At least in this form. Though it isn’t classified in the Hogwarts Momemnts line, this delightful little playset fits in well with the motif. The scaling is a bit off (it’d be more of a pencil case in comparison) but, what can you do? If I were 8 years old and in love with the Harry Potter franchise, I’d definitely lug this and the others around from daycare to my grandma’s house just to play. Don’t worry, though 76398 Hogwarts Magical Trunk may be 8+, there are a ton of great grabs in there for the pluses. Adults and kids can find one of the coolest sticker sheets ever laden with Harry Potter art, not to mention all the extra pieces, giving you tons of ways to customize your trunk and show your House pride. Oh, and I almost forgot about the plethora of minifigure heads and hairs to customize your own Hogwarts students. This 603-piece-set is available March 1st for US $59.99 | CAN $79.99 | UK £54.99.

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A visual feast for a weary traveller

This colorful creation by Jake Hansen (Mountain Hobbit) jumped right out at me with the inviting use of colors that spellbind and luring me to a place where it’s mystical that I almost want to drive right into the canvas of LEGO bricks of which it’s sculpted with. The imagery is vertically split into three: the cool flowing blue of the waterfall streaming, the dark orange earth that paves the path to the hidden abode, and the muted green of the grass work in a perfect combination of something that seemed like it spun off an artist’s color wheel. The equally bright and random colors mushrooms fitted with various sizes of technic gears in tan bring the magical land to life.

Preston the Potion Master