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Wake me up when SHIPtember ends

Talk about a Seriously Huge Investment in Parts, this massive Maersk vessel offers plenty of space for all your cargo hauling needs. Builder Simon Liu, one of the founders of the SHIPtember prompt, has created yet another masterpiece to add to the ranks of this year’s armada. Built to scale with the New Hashima city collaboration that Simon previously contributed to, this cargo freighter will be added to the display as they attempt to make the whole city three times larger. When landed, this gigantic hauler will fit right in with the towers of the current skyline.

Wake Me Up, When

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Marc Reid imagines the logical evolution of the Maersk shipping company (and corresponding LEGO sets perhaps?) into the far future with the MAERSK LINE 976534 SPACESHIP. According to Marc, each shipping container would be a mile long – which by my calculations is large enough to ship an entire shipping company!

I love the idea that the even as the technology and environments change, the Maersk containers would retain their iconic look over the centuries. In fact, I think it’d be cool to see other builders interpretations of the Maersk line in increasingly distant periods in the future. Get to it, my friends!

LEGO Announces 10241 Maersk Line Triple-E [News]


Today at the Skærbæk LEGO convention in Denmark, LEGO unveiled a new addition to the Maersk line, which be available starting in January 2014. Worth noting is the fact that this ship is not LEGO’s special “Maersk blue” as all the previous sets in the Maersk line have been since the 1970’s, but instead is the new medium azure. Presumably this means that Maersk blue has been permanently phased out.

Here is the official press release:

10241 Maersk Line Triple-E
Ages 12+. 1,518 pieces.
Build the Maersk ‘Triple-E’ container vessel – a true giant of the seas!

US $149.99 – CA $179.99 – DE 129.99 € – UK 109.99 £ – DK 1199.00 DKK
Presenting the largest ship in the world – the record-breaking Maersk ‘Triple-E.’ Built from over 1,500 bricks, the model recreates the real vessel in amazing detail. Our LEGO® designers have included rare colors such as medium azur, dark red, sand blue and sand green. There are rotating gold-colored screw blades leading to the brick-built twin propeller engines, which you can view through the window built into the port side of the ship. You can even customize it by adding or removing the containers. This authentic set includes a display stand and fact plaque with detailed information about the ship and, as a finishing touch, there’s the gold coin that is added under the mast of all Maersk Line ships for good luck on their voyages. This model is perfect for LEGO fans!

• Features include rotating gold-colored propeller blades, brick-built twin 8-cylinder engines, viewing window into the engine compartment, adjustable rudders, detachable lifeboats, removable containers, rotating crane arms and a special ‘good luck’ coin
• Includes rare medium azur, dark red, sand blue and sand green colored elements
• Play with the model on carpeted surfaces or mount the model on the display stand
• Building instructions also include interesting facts about the real ship
• Includes 1,518 bricks
• Ship (mounted on stand) measures over 8” (21cm) high, 25” (65cm) long and 3” (9cm) wide

Click the picture above to see all of the images, and watch the designer video below:

10219 Maersk Train now available [News]

Following the release earlier this year of 10155 Maersk Container Shipicon, LEGO has just released the nicely complementary 10219 Maersk Train.icon


As we announced back in February, the set comes with 1,234 pieces and costs 120 USD.

10219 Maersk Train unveiled [News]

The latest LEGO Exclusive kit is the 10219 Maersk Trainicon arriving in April 2011 [UPDATE: It’s now available]. Click here for the complete set of pictures.


Below is the official press release from LEGO:

10219 Maersk Train

Ages 14+. 1,234 pieces.

US $119.99 CA $159.99 DE 119.99 € UK 91.99 £

The highly-realistic Maersk diesel-electric freight train has arrived! A replica of the real engine that operated on the railroads of America, this Maersk train features exceptional detailing and functions, such as opening driver’s cab, removable side panel revealing a detailed, 16-cylinder engine, and authentic Maersk branding. The model also includes 2 wagons and 3 containers with opening doors (1 with refrigeration detailing). The set also includes a shunter truck and detachable trailer for loading and offloading the containers. Add LEGO® Power Functions accessories to motorize!

• Includes 3 workman minifigures!
• Train measures 36″ (92cm) long!
• Building instructions include a historical description of the LEGO Group/A.P. Moller Maersk Group cooperation and a timeline of the products launched!
• Containers can be loaded side-by-side or stacked!
• Motorize your Maersk train by adding LEGO Power Functions 8878 Power Functions Rechargeable Battery Box, #8887 Transformer 10V DC, #8884 Power Functions IR Receiver, 8879 Power Functions IR Speed Remote Control and 88002 Power Functions Train Motor!

UPDATE: check out the designer video by LEGO.

10152/10155 Maersk (Sealand) Container Ship re-released [News]

From the “Wait, what?” department, LEGO has just re-released the 2004 set 10152 Maersk Sealand Container Ship as the 2011 set 10155 Maersk Container Ship.icon


The new version has two more pieces and the sticker/decal says “Maersk Line” instead of “Maersk Sealand,” but the set appears to be otherwise identical. 10155 Maersk Container Shipicon costs $120 (compare to the original at $75 seven years ago) and is available from the LEGO Shop online now.