10152/10155 Maersk (Sealand) Container Ship re-released [News]

From the “Wait, what?” department, LEGO has just re-released the 2004 set 10152 Maersk Sealand Container Ship as the 2011 set 10155 Maersk Container Ship.icon


The new version has two more pieces and the sticker/decal says “Maersk Line” instead of “Maersk Sealand,” but the set appears to be otherwise identical. 10155 Maersk Container Shipicon costs $120 (compare to the original at $75 seven years ago) and is available from the LEGO Shop online now.

9 comments on “10152/10155 Maersk (Sealand) Container Ship re-released [News]

  1. Sarah

    Just yesterday I was watching Mythbusters and Adam said something that I thought was funny at the time but is even more funny now.
    Adam opens a box containing a model container ship, pretending it was Christmas morning. “Gee, thanks dad! Now I can recreate international commerce!”

  2. worker201

    I really enjoyed the original, hopefully the new kids will get a kick out of it.

    The hull pieces from the original were in an extremely rare (only available in that set) color referred to as Maersk blue. Since then, the new color medium blue has gone into production. It would make sense for Lego to use medium blue parts, rather than retool the old Maersk blue molds. The photo kinda looks like medium blue as well. So I’m wondering if they’ve changed the color of the blue parts in the new version. Anyone have any insights on this issue?

  3. Divinity3d

    I have the original and Im very excited that this new one is in the mail and on the way. Before Maersk partnered with Sealand, it was just Maersk Line. If only they would bring back the 18-wheelers too. Course they would probably be the size of that toys r us truck, which wouldnt be as fun.

  4. Nabii

    Maersk Blue is not LEGO medium blue. Maersk blue is a trademarked colour belonging to the Maersk company, it has specific RGB and CYMK colour codes and LEGO only produce this colour for Maersk sets.
    It would weaken Maersks copyright on this colour to allow LEGO to use their name and not require the correct colour of LEGO bricks. If it says “Maersk” on the model/box it will be maersk blue bricks in the set.

  5. Catsy

    Mark layin’ down the CYMK smack. :)

    Kidding. This is great news; I have a very, very tiny number of MB elements and I welcome anything that results in greater availability and the expansion of that palette, especially basic slopes, plates and tiles.

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