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Sales, deals, and announcements about new sets available from the LEGO Shop (or LEGO Shop@Home to old-schoolers). A portion of every LEGO set purchased from the LEGO Shop online through The Brothers Brick goes toward supporting what we do here.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes sets now available [News]

If I learned nothing else at Emerald City Comicon last weekend (post to follow shortly), it’s that I’m much more of a Marvel fan than a DC fan. So I’m a lot more excited by the official release today of the LEGO Marvel sets than I was about the DC sets a few months back.

Wolverine is looking pretty awesome with his claws and bike, but Captain America is who I’m happiest to see in LEGO minifig form:

Each set includes a unique combination of minifigs that I’m sure was designed to encourage collectors to buy them all:

Our US readers can see the complete product listing by clicking through the following banner:

NEW Marvel LEGO Super Heroes sets are now available!

In other good news, TBB readers in the UK and Canada can now help support the site by clicking through from TBB when buying LEGO from the LEGO Shop online. I’ll set up the ads on the left to link differently depending on where you are shortly, but in the meantime, you can use the banners below (apologies for the visual repetition — it hurts my eyes, too):

NEW Marvel LEGO Super Heroes sets are now available!

United Kingdom:
NEW Marvel LEGO Super Heroes, available now!

10224 Town Hall out now + free shipping & double VIP points [News]

I realize that the release of 10224 Town Hallicon isn’t news to many of you (I’ve been on vacation), but the LEGO Shop online is also having a double VIP points promotion through March 15, and today through the end of the month you’ll get free shipping on all orders over $75.


If you buy the Town Hall between now and the 15th, you’ll get 399 VIP points.

FREE Shipping on all LEGO Shop orders of $75 or more!  Valid through 3.31.12

2012 LEGO Super Heroes DC Comics sets out now [News]

2012 Batman and Superman sets are out a couple weeks early from LEGO Shop online. The new sets include 6864 The Batmobile and the Two-Face Chase,icon which goes for $50 and includes five minifigs.


So far, the Man of Steel is only available in 6862 Superman vs. Power Armor Lex,icon which also includes Lex Luthor and Wonder Woman.


(And no, I haven’t forgotten about our giveaway of the SDCC 2011 exclusive minifigs. It’s just taken forever to scrub the comment data so I can properly — and fairly — randomize the entries. Apologies for the delay, especially now that you can buy your own Batman, but the person who wins him will still be getting the minifig on a card that was exclusive to Comic-Con, so hope you can forgive me…)

Remember, free shipping is now available for orders of $49, with guaranteed delivery by Christmas on all orders placed before December 18.

Receive FREE Shipping on any shop.LEGO.com order of $99 or more.  Valid thru 12.13.11

LEGO free shipping extended, 2012 NinjaGo out now [News]

The LEGO Shop online has extended its free shipping (with guaranteed delivery before Christmas) several more days, through December 18. They’ve also reduced the minimum purchase from $99 to $49.

Receive FREE Shipping on any shop.LEGO.com order of $99 or more.  Valid thru 12.13.11

And since I missed it earlier, NinjaGo gets a refresh in 2012 with a bunch of funky sets, which are all out a few weeks early.


Cyber-Monday LEGO deals [News]

The LEGO Shop online continues its Black Friday deals through Cyber-Monday, enabling all you procrastinators out there (or those of you who were traveling, like me) to get in on the shopping action.

Although the special holiday set has run out, here’s what you get through midnight EST today:

  • Free shipping on all orders of $49 or more
  • Free Limited Edition Holiday set featuring Santa Minifigure with orders of $99 or more
  • 10% off all orders of $149 or more
  • 25% off a bunch of sets (list below)

10% OFF $149 + FREE Shipping on $49 + Exclusive LEGO Set on $99

The LEGO Shop isn’t the only place you’ll find deals. Amazon.com also has a bunch of Cyber-Monday deals, including 7066 Earth Defence HQ for $12 off (along with more I don’t have time to link to before I rush out the door for work).

Happy shopping!

LEGO Black Friday sales & deals [News]

Black Friday 2011 is here, which means the LEGO Shop online is having a bunch of deals to get your holiday shopping started.

Here’s what you get, November 25-28:

  • Free shipping on all orders of $49 or more
  • Free Limited Edition Holiday set featuring Santa Minifigure with orders of $99 or more
  • 10% off all orders of $149 or more
  • 25% off a bunch of sets (list below)

10% OFF $149 + FREE Shipping on $49 + Exclusive LEGO Set on $99

All of the following sets are 25% off (plus a few other Duplo, Belville, LEGO Games, and other non-System sets):

Republic Swamp Speeder
Winter Toy Shop
Cad Bane’s Speeder
Skeleton Bowling
Race Truck
Public Transport Station
Horse Stable
Imperial Flagship
Tank Truck
Tantive IV
Repair Truck
Republic Dropship with AT-OT Walker
Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter”
Emerald Night

1-day sale for LEGO VIP members [News]

The LEGO Shop online continues its pre-holiday series of sales & deals with a special offer for LEGO VIP program members. Get free shipping on orders over $49, get the second holiday set for free with orders over $99, get that plus 10% off your whole purchase for orders over $149.

LEGO VIP program deals

Look for more sales news early next week, leading up to Black Friday weekend.

4184 Black Pearl out + free shipping from LEGO extended [News]

A bit belated news for some, I realize — I’ve been sick — but 4184 Black Pearlicon is out now from multiple sources (text link goes to LEGO Shop; image link below goes to Amazon).

The highlight in this set for me is definitely the minifigs, with Davy Jones and the shark-headed Maccus. It goes for $100 (less at some big box stores at the moment) and includes 804 pieces.

Free shipping has been extended again from the LEGO Shop, with double VIP points through the end of October.

Finally, every purchase over $99 includes the first of a two-part Christmas vignette for free:

LEGO Christmas vignette 1

Here’s the second part, due out in November:

LEGO Christmas vignette 2

October 2011 LEGO sales & deals [News]

Between BrickCon and my birthday, October has been a great LEGO month for me for the last few years, but it looks like the rest of you out there can share in the joy with a plethora of LEGO sales throughout the month.

First off, LEGO.com is offering double VIP points for the full month of October, and it looks like all magnets are 50% off.

Earn Double VIP points on all LEGO Shop purchases in October

The new holiday set 10222 Winter Village Post Officeicon has just been released.


And in case you missed it, 10220 Volkswagen T1 Camper Vanicon is also out.


Not to be outdone by TRU’s Bricktober (which we won’t be supporting since they dropped FBTB, TBB, and Brickset all at once with no explanation a while back), Amazon.com has heavily discounted several large sets, starting with 7965 Millennium Falcon at 25% off, or $105.

25% off is nice, but Amazon has several more at 30% off, including 7066 Earth Defence HQ and 2507 Fire Temple.

Finally, if you’re in the UK, October 8th brings free LEGO sets from The Sun.

LEGO Architecture 21010 Robie House, 21011 Brandenburg Gate out now plus free shipping [News]

The latest LEGO Architecture sets 21010 Robie Houseicon and 21011 Brandenburg Gateicon have just been released on LEGO.com.

The original (non-LEGO) Robie House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and built in 1910, 25 years before Fallingwater. Designer Adam Reed Tucker’s LEGO version is built from 2276 bricks and costs $199.99.


The Brandenburg Gate in Berlin was built in Berlin between 1788 and 1791. The LEGO version has 363 pieces, including quite a nice batch of sand-green cheese slopes, and goes for $34.99.


There is also free shipping on orders over $75!