Double VIP points + a cart load of freebies from the LEGO Shop [News]

The LEGO Shop online started its latest Double VIP Points event earlier today, with a number of other promos running alongside. In addition to 2x VIP points, which works out to approximately 10% off the current purchase usable toward a future purchase, LEGO is giving away a number of gifts with purchase. The main promo set is 40178, which includes a brick-built LEGO VIP card and a vignette-style section of a LEGO Store.

LEGO VIP promo set 40178

You can also get a free Paleolithic pair of people (the Collectible Minifigure cave man and cave woman in a special cave box), free Lloyd minifig from The LEGO Ninjago Movie (with any purchase over $50), and a free LEGO Friends Tic-Tac-Toe set (with the purchase of any Friends purchase of $20 or more).

4 comments on “Double VIP points + a cart load of freebies from the LEGO Shop [News]

  1. Cheefachi

    Perfect timing, my daughter’s birthday is coming up and I will make a big purchase online. How do you get the caveman set, I don’t see it on the site? Is that promotion over?

  2. Purple Dave

    When I placed my order, the first item I added to my cart was accompanied by both the Cavemen set and the Ninjago Lloyd polybag. Adding a few more sets got me over the $125 limit, but even when I signed in I didn’t see this set get added to my cart in the upper right corner. It wasn’t until I went to checkout that this GWP got added. So, if you add enough to qualify for this set and still don’t see the other two GWPs, then they must have turned one or both of those promos off. If you don’t see this promo added, make sure you’re signed in to your VIP account (required to qualify) and maybe check your checkout screen to see if it shows up there if logging in still doesn’t trigger it to add to your cart. This is why it always pays to place orders right on the first day (and ideally within the first few hours of a new promo. In the US, the eastern states will be at 5am by the time Hawaii and the western Aleutian Islands hit midnight, so there’s a substantial amount of overlap between the time they should turn one promo on and when they can turn the previous one off for S@H US. You know, assuming they didn’t run out early, and also assuming they get the new promo turned on right on time.

  3. Cheefachi

    Thanks for the info I guess I just missed out. Bought $200 worth of items and got the minifig and the VIP set but no caveman. Must have been a real limited item. Oh well, I was looking forward to putting that up on ebay!

  4. Purple Dave

    The Cavemen set came out a while ago. I dug up an old e-mail announcing it and the official promo dates ran from August 10-31 (totally 22 days), so getting it over a week into October was a massive surprise. As Andrew apparently did based on the article date, I placed my order on the 10th, which means the Cavemen promo was running almost three times as long as originally advertised (day 62/22), making it clear through the month of September. Since the official end date of that promo, they ran the green dragon polybag and the Lloyd minifig polybag from The LEGO Ninjago Movie, so this is now the third GWP promo to follow the Cavemen, excluding any that were tied to a specific theme. Personally, I was just hoping to nab the tail end of the Lloyd promo. I kinda wanted it but not enough to actually make a special purchase. I forgot to order before midnight Hawaii/Aleutian Time, so I figured I would have missed out by the time I did place my order.

    On a happy note, I got my shipment already (all three GWPs were present), and I’ve built the VIP set. I already have two Cavemen sets, so I didn’t really need a third, but spares are always welcome, and even more so when they’re free.

    I’m not particularly fond of the shortened GWP promo periods they’ve been using of late. This makes four basic GWP sets that have been crammed into 77 days, and all leading right into the first TRU Bricktober that I’ve actually cared about since I think 2011.

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