Buying a round may render you penniless

When creating this digital LEGO model of three different buildings, Łukasz Libuszewski was inspired by the beautiful architecture of Prague. On the right, we have the pub on the ground floor and a museum showing the old town on the first floor. There is a handy cashpoint just outside the pub, so no excuses about running out of cash when it’s time to buy drinks. There is also a slightly abandoned looking tenement building on the left — it’s definitely in need of repair. Access to the lookout tower is via the central steps, but take care as those shadowy stairs look a little eerie to me.


A view from the rear shows some of the interior design with the old town layout in the museum and some cosy looking tables and chairs all set up in the pub below. I particularly like some of the architectural details such as the tan stonework around the window at the back of the pub and the use of the Elves keys in light blue grey within the look-out tower.


While this build is a digital build, it has been beautifully crafted and, although there a few elements that do not exist in LEGO’s official collection, it looks build-able ‘in the brick’

4 comments on “Buying a round may render you penniless

  1. Moseph

    Beautiful model, I thought I was looking at the 2018 modular at first. I would love to have this in my Lego town

  2. Sven Franic

    Can’t say I am easily impressed by digital builds, but this one hit a nerve, it is just gorgeous in all the right ways. Great job with the colours and keeping it all tamed on that baseplate, it all works so well together.

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