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Why sort when you can Groot?

Famed LEGO builder Dan Ko described a phenomenon that most of us know too well. He had a brown chair piece sitting out at his desk collecting dust for quite some time so instead of sorting it into its proper bin, he decided to build Groot with it. Then he figured, what’s Groot without his BFF Rocket? So because of Dan’s-laziness, I guess- we can all admire a quick little built chock full of fun character. Sorting can be a tedious business. You tell yourself you’re going to get to it someday and reach LEGO builder nirvana, which is zero brick unsorted, but then days turn into months and months into years, and, in the case of some of my friends, you have about an Olympic-sized swimming pool worth of unsorted brick. Do you all know anyone who has reached LEGO-sorting nirvana? Because I sure don’t!

Groot & Rocket

LEGO Marvel 76217 I Am Groot [Review]

Groot, the lovable living tree from the Guardians of the Galaxy series, was making baby versions of characters cool long before Grogu introduced the term “Baby Yoda” to the pop culture lexicon. As Rocket Raccoon’s loyal partner in crime, he steals scenes by just repeating the words “I am Groot” for all of his dialogue (and, let me tell you, the urge to turn in this review with “I am Groot” repeated over and over was strong). Now LEGO is releasing a 1:1 scale build of this extraterrestrial Ent in his youthful form so you can have a Baby Groot of your very own. 76217 I Am Groot is a 476-piece set releasing June 1st in the UK and worldwide August 1st for US $54.99 | CAN $69.99 | UK £44.99

The LEGO Group provided The Brothers Brick with an early copy of this set for review. Providing TBB with products for review guarantees neither coverage nor positive reviews.

I…am…Groot. (I had to get one in)

LEGO Marvel 76217 I am Groot revealed [News]

The next LEGO buildable character, Baby Groot, was revealed online just now. Arguably the cutest Marvel superhero stands over 10.5 in. (26 cm) tall, which is just a couple inches taller than another fan-favorite alien, Baby Yoda from 75318 set. The scene wouldn’t be complete without an iconic accessory from the Guardians of the Galaxy stories, so Groot comes with a 1:1 cassette build. Right now the set is available for pre-order for US $54.99 | CAN $69.99 | UK £44.99 and will ship from August 1, 2022.

Check out the full product gallery!

I am Whomping Willow!

One of the most popular movie quotes (and memes) of the past couple years is, “I am Groot!” The lovable Marvel character found his way into our hearts with his unique personality and this singular repeated phrase. Always the kind to help out a friend, and certainly a brethren, it’s only natural for him to lend himself to a fellow famous tree. Builder Letranger Absurde has expertly crafted a microscale Whomping Willow using a LEGO Groot bust as the trunk. Topped with an adorable Ford Anglia, it’s a perfect representation.

Whomping Willow

Great minds must think alike, because as wonderful as this is, it’s not the first Groot-trunk. Back in 2017, our contributor, Benjamin Stenlund (Henjin_Quilones) used the same piece on his “South Gate of Lleidr Castle” build.

In the mood for more Groot? Well, you’re in luck, because we have a little “Moody Groot” just for you! How about more from the Wizarding World and Harry Potter? We have a ton of that too!

LEGO BrickHeadz 41626 Groot and Rocket from Avengers: Infinity War revealed [News]

BrickHeadz are being introduced fast and furiously this summer. The latest feature is the duo from  Avengers: Infinity War, featuring Rocket Raccoon and teen Groot. In a similar configuration to the LEGO Harry Potter BrickHeadz: 41615 Harry Potter & Hedwig we just reviewed, Rocket Racoon comes in the 3×3 configuration while teen Groot is built to the standard BrickHead 4×4 size. LEGO hasn’t announced the release date or price yet, but we’ll be sure to bring you that info as soon as its available.

I’m Groot?! (Translation: Why didn’t LEGO make one of me?!)

What happens when you don’t see what you like from LEGO’s official set releases? You build your own! Here’s Adeel Zubair‘s custom creation of Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 that would fit nicely in the upcoming LEGO BrickHeadz. You just gotta love those black beady eyes! Now, is anyone else up to the challenge of a dancing groot? I’m Groot! (Translation: Shut up and take my money!)

Dancing Groot

We are Groot.

MikMikEternity gives us this wonderful custom Groot minifigure. The detail and sculpting are impressive. He says he sculpted the additional pieces and painted by hand. I love the weathered, wooden look and the subtle greenery all over Groot. There is so much character.

Lego Custom Groot ( Guardians of the Galaxy ) Minifigure!