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A tiny replica of the vintage LEGO wooden duck

Just last week, LEGO House revealed a special new edition of the vintage LEGO wooden duck, and builder Adeel Zubair didn’t waste any time having a go at it in a microscale form. It’s pretty much on-point as far as I can tell and there’s nothing that I would change. All’s that left is for some of us to ask to have this become an official LEGO keychain or dare I say, a polybag? Oh! Yes! Please! LEGO!

LEGO Wooden Duck

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LEGO will make regional exclusive sets available worldwide starting next month [News]

Over the past year, LEGO has produced quite a few special sets with limited availability, including regional and retailer exclusives like the Chinese New Year sets and the Darth Vader Bust. Access to these products has typically been extremely limited, forcing many frustrated LEGO fans both in the US and abroad to go out of their way and pay exorbitant amounts of money from scalpers and other sites to obtain the sets. Starting in May, all that is about to change for the better.

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What’s in the box? LEGO 5005704 Star Wars Mystery Box [Review]

Back in December, LEGO Stores in the US and Canada launched a Star Wars box promotion that featured 5 rare polybags. Earlier this month, it became available in the UK and select European countries, where it was again marketed as a Star Wars Mystery Box. (Specifically, the countries included Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Germany, France, and Belgium.) While both region-locked promotions are over, we’re here to have a quick look at what we found inside, though it should be noted that not all the boxes are the same. What’s in the box? Is it worth it? Let’s take a quick look first at what we found in our box and the promotion details.

Details on both regions’ promotions can be found here in our news announcements for the US and Canada (promotion period December 2018) and the UK and select EU countries announcement (promotion period 11 April – 15 April 2019)

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