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Maybe it’s a Donut Shop franchise.

I think it’s cool when LEGO builders are inspired to take elements of existing sets and spin them into their own creations. Alex Eylar began by surgically removing the Donut Shop from the 10278 Police Station, striving to keep the modular aspects intact. They then added an adorable bookstore to make the place even more inviting. It feels like the perfect corner to spend a chilly autumn morning exploring. Even if the replication of the Donut Shop suggests it’s more of a chain than a mom-and-pop operation.

Donut Shop & Bookstore

The interior of the bookshop is worth a closer look, too. Can you almost smell the scent of used books mingling with the baking from next door? I know I can.

Donut Shop & Bookstore

I was amused to find we had a tag for “donut” already – why not take a moment and check out how to make a donut from LEGO bricks? (Probably not how you’re thinking.)

LEGO bricks crushed under hydraulic press to create a donut [News]

LEGO bricks are known to be extremely durable and it takes a rough magnitude of 4,240 newtons (950 pounds) to crush a single 2×2 brick based on tests by The Open University’s engineering department. The Hydraulic Press Channel, is known for crushing all sorts of things with a hydraulic press, and more recently, turning them into donuts. Their latest attempt is to experiment with LEGO bricks.

Click to see the video of LEGO being crushed into a donut