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LEGO bricks crushed under hydraulic press to create a donut [News]

LEGO bricks are known to be extremely durable and it takes a rough magnitude of 4,240 newtons (950 pounds) to crush a single 2×2 brick based on tests by The Open University’s engineering department. The Hydraulic Press Channel, is known for crushing all sorts of things with a hydraulic press, and more recently, turning them into donuts. Their latest attempt is to experiment with LEGO bricks.

Click to see the video of LEGO being crushed into a donut

What happens when LEGO bricks encounter a hydraulic press? [Video]

Putting random objects into hydraulic presses just to see what happens is something of a craze online right now, so it was only a matter of time until our beloved bricks met someone brash enough to try to squeeze the life out of them. Here we see what happens when a LEGO minifig, a 2×4 brick, and eventually a full LEGO set are put under tremendous pressure. I think this is how LEGO Iron Builders are made.

If you’re squeamish about seeing LEGO bricks transformed into new shapes, look away now.