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The fact that LEGO didn’t make official Doctor Who sets until 2016 never stopped LEGO builders from creating their own custom models of the TARDIS and the many iconic scenes and characters from the venerable series.

LEGO Tardis from Doctor Who in 1/3 scale!

Shelly Timson is the creator of this work of art. She wanted to build a Tardis for the upcoming 50th anniversary of the iconic show, Doctor Who (just ten days away as of this writing!). She asked Rob Deakin, founder of the studio Inside the Brick, if she could use the studio’s supply of Dark Blue bricks. Over four thousand bricks and three weeks later this lovely Tardis emerged. The TARDIS, along with other creations, is on display at the Studio in Fairfield, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria in Australia.


Check out the Flickr Set for more pictures and detail. Flickr comments have been disabled on all the pictures except for this one. If you want to tell Rob how awesome this build is, I’m sure he will be passing the comments on back to the builder.

Seek! Locate! Exterminate!

Yesterday, the BBC announced who’ll be playing the Twelfth Doctor. While I’ve appreciated both David Tennant and Matt Smith, I’m looking forward to seeing what Steven Moffatt and team will do with an older Doctor. And as amusing as the olive-drab Daleks were in the service of Churchill during World War II, I didn’t really like the primary-color Daleks introduced in the same “Victory of the Daleks” storyline. Perhaps we’ll also see a return to some of the classic villain designs from earlier series.

Speaking of older Doctors and more-classic Daleks, though, Steve (LegoAvon) has built a trio of menacing Daleks in the classic dark gray of the 1970’s.

LEGO Daleks Classic Grey

Doctor Who: The Unearthly Child

Thorsten Bonsch (Xenomurphy) returns with the 4th installment of his 50 years of Doctor Who tribute that will culminate in November with a large model that will no doubt be mind-blowing. This time the subject is the legendary first episode of the beloved series entitled “The Unearthly Child“. Thorsten gives a key scene the black and white treatment and the results are stunning.

50 years of Doctor Who – 04. An Unearthly Child

In a thinly veiled attempt to generate comments, I will also offer that I just don’t understand the appeal of Doctor Who. While I can appreciate the skill of Thorsten’s model and presentation, I really don’t think the British should be allowed to produce filmed science fiction. Maybe Dr. Who would be better with puppets…or minifigs? I shall wait patiently in the comments area to be shanked with a sonic screwdriver.

How the Face of Boe saved the Doctor, Martha, and New New York

Well, I won’t actually tell you — you’ll have to watch the show — but Thorsten Bonsch (Xenomurphy) has continued his series of scenes celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who with two scenes from the 2007 episode “Gridlock”.

First, Thorsten has recreated the incredible scene in which the Doctor and Martha encounter the world’s largest traffic jam:

50 years of Doctor Who – 02. Gridlock

But my favorite of Thorsten’s scenes so far is from the end of the same episode, in which the Doctor has an important encounter with the Face of Boe:

50 years of Doctor Who – 03. Gridlock

Bad Wolf

Just to prove that there are indeed much more interesting potential licenses LEGO could pursue (notwithstanding the existing Character Building sets), here’s a scene from Doctor Who built by Connor H.

Magic Box

Connor uses forced perspective in the background, and the photo’s lighting is consistent with some very blue artwork by Tim Doyle.

(It’s not the best LEGO TARDIS I’ve seen, but I’d rather have a nicely evocative Doctor Who scene at the top of the page than Homer’s stupid bald head.)

50 years of Doctor Who, 1 very tall LEGO staircase to the clouds

Growing up in Asia, the classic Doctor Who was never available to me, so I only got into the show around 2005 here in the States, with the Ninth Doctor. Nevertheless, I’m excited about the 50th anniversary of the show this year. But not as excited as Thorsten Bonsch (Xenomurphy), who promises 11 LEGO models over the next several months, each inspired by the incarnations of the Doctor since 1963.

Thorsten starts off with the most recent Doctor, and in fact the most recent Doctor Who episode — the Christmas special titled simply “The Snowmen.”

50 years of Doctor Who – 01. The Snowmen

I think Iain put it best: “Longest. Post. Ever.

TARDIS Console Room from Doctor Who

I’ve seen many brick renders of the TARDIS from Doctor Who, but I’ve never seen the interior built with Lego until Mr. Xenomurphy presented his latest creation. You don’t have to be a fan of the TV show to appreciate the striking architectural design with its intricate details and working lights. Check out the gallery on MOCpages for more photos including construction shots.

Yes yes, it’s the 11th Doctor, but what about Captain Jack?

I’ve been enjoying the recent Doctor Who for several years now, but I actually preferred Torchwood. Regardless, I’m looking forward to the next incarnation of the Doctor — the 11th — here portrayed in LEGO, complete with a TARDIS, by Mark Stafford (lego_nabii):

LEGO Doctor Who

Via VignetteBricks.