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Dazzling Lego DeLorean

Alex Jones’ (“Orion Pax”) Back to the Future DeLorean looks like an actual diecast model rather than a Lego creation. Despite the spray-painted hull, it’s still a legit build due to the skillful customization job.


Legohaulic’s Delorean goes Brick to the Future at 88 miles per hour

Tyler Clites (Legohaulic) says he’s been having “loads of fun” with his LEGO Power Functions motors and remote control.

LEGO Power Functions Delorean

Most recently, he added a motor to his LEGO Delorean. Naturally, the Delorean can zoom around Tyler’s kitchen floor.

Via Young Spacers.

Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads...

Really, is there anything that needs to be said?  It’s by Legohaulic, and it’s everyone’s favorite time-traveling DeLorean.