Next Lego CUUSOO set: Back to the Future Delorean

Lego CUUSOO posted the results of their first quarterly review and announced that the next CUUSOO set will be the Back to the Future Time Machine. The final product has not been revealed at this time. You can read more about the results of the review on the CUUSOO blog.

6 comments on “Next Lego CUUSOO set: Back to the Future Delorean

  1. RubendePuben

    Does anybody know what will happen to the other idea’s that he showed? Like the Zelda figs and Modular Western Town from this review period?

    Are they scrapped for good?

  2. FuzzyBrickz

    Question. I thought the CUUSOO projects were voted on individually. This video makes it seem like they are lumping the projects together and only voting on one. I was just wondering which one it is?

  3. Modok

    RubendePuben – The other projects have failed review and will not be produced. Lego previously stated they had the option of holding over projects for a future quarter, but there’s no mention of that in any of the official comments for the rejected projects. Therefore, they’re dead.

  4. Conchas

    The mountain has brought forth a mouse!… :(

    From this I guess we can easily infer the result of the next reviews.
    “Space Troopers” seems to have their fate drawn like the “MWT”, because of the unfortunate coincidence with official LEGO released themes. And likely the same will happen to “TWP”…

    Next CUUSOO releases will be the “Mars Curiosity Rover” and “Exo Suit” when its time comes. Both great examples of inspiration.
    And from this thinking it looks like we will only get very small models out of CUUSOO.

    And unfortunately great projects like the Vampire GT may not ever see the daylight… :P

  5. Andrew

    @FuzzyBrickz: They are indeed voted on by the fan community individually, and then evaluated in batches as part of each quarterly review (as Tim explains at the beginning of the video). If you click through to the blog post that Nannan linked to, you can read the results for the other three projects that didn’t make it.

    Here’s my take on the three unsuccessful projects:

    EVE Online Drifter: This had *such* a niche audience (compare Minecraft’s 17.5 million downloads to Eve’s 400,000 subscribers) and the gameplay supports significant crime, with a culture of griefing. Not the image LEGO likely wants to be associated with, even if their official comments don’t explicitly say so.

    Modular Western Town: We know now that this would conflict with the LEGO Lone Ranger sets. I’m personally disappointed most about this project, but knowing what we know six months later about LEGO’s own future theme plans, the decision is understandable.

    Legend of Zelda: Yet another potential video game license. The CUUSOO team cites the expense of new LEGO element molds as the reason for rejecting this project, and even leaves the door open by noting “If a project does not pass the LEGO Review please do not interpret that as an indication that we will not consider similar projects in the future” specifically on this project, but let’s remember that K’Nex has the license for Mario Kart, and thus already has a relationship with Nintendo. The project itself was also a broad theme idea, contrary to the CUUSOO guidelines for a single model/product. As much as my personal bias supports anything Nintendo, I never thought this project was a good CUUSOO candidate.

  6. Nathan Wells

    Hopefully the minifigures look good. I assume they can officially get the rights to use the likenesses of Fox and Lloyd. I also wonder if the design of the DeLorean also has to be licensed from DMC.

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