Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads...

Really, is there anything that needs to be said?  It’s by Legohaulic, and it’s everyone’s favorite time-traveling DeLorean.


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  1. Fred

    I’m going to agree with lukas’s (probable) sarcasm. Get a little more outside the box guys. So many more interesting builders out there.

  2. Andrew

    @Lukas & Fred: That’s a fair criticism.

    Then again, too many otherwise bloggable builders don’t have the presentation skills that Tyler has. What we feature here on TBB isn’t just about the quality of the creations — it’s also about the photography.

    If there are builders or LEGO creations you think we’re missing, don’t hesitate to send us links through the contact form.

  3. Josh

    @Lukas & Fred – Tyler does get highlighted a lot, but not everything he does, by any means. If you feel that we are missing someone, feel free to email us! We are always on the lookout for new talent.

    Edit: Just saw Andrew’s comment. Great minds and all that…. ;)

  4. enigma that is badger

    Although I’m not sure why, Huey Lewis and the News are now stuck in my head.

    Any one else old enough to remember going to see BTTF Part 2 and being really, really shocked/bummed out when you realized you were going to have to wait to get the end of the story?

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  6. Andrew

    Heh heh. In our defense, the four creations by Legohaulic blogged so far in January have been blogged by three separate contributors. Nathan is the only one to double up. :-P

  7. Innocent Bystander

    Always in the lookout for new talent? I emailed you guys about scouzy ages ago, and yet have still seen no blogs of his excellent work (especially his CR-7705 MOC).


    Don’t get me wrong, I love to see the usual suspects blogged here, but there really are lots more great builders who also appreciate the importance of good presentation and produce MOCs worthy of blogging.

  8. Nathan Post author

    In my defense, at least I’m blogging :P

    Also, I blog what I like, and what fellow Brothers haven’t blogged already. I’ve come to learn that if I see a creation I like, I must blog it within five minutes or Andrew or Nannan gets to it first. :P

  9. Mister Zumbi

    Whatdiditellu? Eightyeightmiles p-e-r HOUR!

    Supercool. To wide for me though. Reminds me that I should rebuild mine anytime soon.

  10. Gambort

    I’m inclined to agree with the comments regarding the ‘usual suspects’. I know I fall into the same trap often. There is a third component of blogging which we probably ignore at our peril: convenience. When someone is on our contact list on flickr it’s very easy to blog them, so we do. If they’re not it’s a bit easier to forget.

    It also reminds me of a side-issue: when should the photograph outweigh the merits of the MOC? That’s something I find very difficult to deal with.

  11. Josh

    @Gambort – Tim, I’ve had to deal with that as well. I have occasionally blogged something with less-than-perfect pics. Usually no one comments, because the MOC just doesn’t look quite right. Then there is the reciprocal…blog it because the pic is good, but the MOC is nothing special. Not doing that…if I can help it. ;) The issue I run into more is the old MOC that I just found, but everyone else has seen a zillion times. The old “Nice, but this was built 10 years ago, why are you blogging it?” routine. This is the main reason I’ve been avoiding Brickshelf.

    @Innocent Bystander – We do appreciate when people send us info on builders that we haven’t blogged. But just because you send it, doesn’t mean we will use it.

    @Our Readers – I do appreciate the comments and criticisms you all throw our way. We are not perfect, by any means. We’re just a bunch of fans, like you, who like to show off the stuff we think is cool. Most of the time, you think it is too. Thanks for letting us know what you think about what we do!

  12. BingoBrown

    Who cares who created it? It’s a great build, from an awesome movie. That’s all that matters. I know my face erupted in a smile the moment I saw it.

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