Battleship Yamato... in space!

Vincent Cheung spent just 10 nights to build this amazing creation from the anime series Space Battleship Yamato. The model measures about 150 studs long, that’s the equivalent of four feet.

Via Klocki

14 comments on “Battleship Yamato... in space!

  1. Andrew

    Ah, man, I was just about to blog this! :-D

    This was one of my favorite shows as a kid. Never seen it in English, though, so I’m not sure what the viewing experience is like when dubbed.

  2. Kahan

    This is definitely one of my favorite huge ships because it is so massive but still incorporates little details. Truly amazing.

  3. EJ

    Star Blazers was and remains my favorite cartoon from my childhood. The fact hardly anyone remembers it kind of makes it feel like its my own. And it was always in English when I saw it.

    One thing I do know, you want to stay the hell away from in front of the wave particle cannon. rly.

  4. Preda

    This is so awesome…which actually is a big thing if I say it,because right now all my feelings towards awesome things are occupied by the new Transformers-figures coming out for TF2…but this just did it for me.Made my day,thank you!Great work,truly inspiring.

  5. Hot

    Vincent is the LEGO designer of Water Cube of Olympic showed in Hong Kong last year summer. More details were reported in the recent BrickJournal (Winter, 2008)

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