A train contest no less

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I started a little building challenge for trainheads (and those that might want to have a go) and Peter Norman donated a prize so it became a contest. An interesting aspect of train building in LEGO is that it’s one of the few areas where a number of people work from the same or similar prototypes. For these challenges I decided to take this one step further and get everyone to work from exactly the same source material.

The rules are in the flickr trains group but I’ve copied them here for those who don’t use flickr.

This time we can all build a US diesel switcher: a Baldwin AS-616 as it comes in a variety of liveries. I found a nice side-view projection and there’s a flickr group dedicated to Baldwin’s.

Peter Norman has graciously donated a prize to the first challenge so there will be judging. The winner will receive a very valuable Lego train related item. Peter, I and possibly a third judge will decide the winner based on no fixed criteria. There will not be a rankings system.

* The deadline for entries is February 28, 2009. Deisgns must not have appeared in public before the 1st January 2009.

* To enter the contest provide a small link to the image in the flickr thread using the [FLICKR-URL] technique (copy the URL for the model’s flickr page and surround it by square brackets). If you are not a flickr member email a direct link to a 240px wide version of your entry to me and a link to more pics and I will enter for you.

* The Challenge is open to 6, 7, or 8 wide, powered or not. All entries must be able to at least navigate Lego train track.

* Entries may be in CAD format but the file must be available for inspection and must be deemed to be buildable by me to be eligible for the contest. Similarly non-LEGO components may be used but it is best to be aware of the judges’ prejudices.

If you have any questions just post them here but read through all the text first.

9 comments on “A train contest no less

  1. Josh

    Looks like a great contest, Tim! It’ll be interesting to see what different builders come up with, based on the same source material.

    This is your contest, but I’ll take the liberty of answering these two questions.

    @EJ – Livery is the colors and symbols that designate what something belongs to. You can check out the Wikipedia article if you need to. You can find the definition that Tim used under “Modern Usage”. It is a term used to talk about the paint schemes of locomotives and rolling stock. In the pictures that Tim used, you can see the same locomotive in four different liveries.

    @Dez – Thank you for the correction. I’m sure you have never reversed two letters when typing and I understand how it might have confused you. Hopefully the clouds of confusion have dissipated, as the error has been fixed.

  2. EJ

    ^ thanks. pretty much what I figured. Sadly, as I have no train wheels, and no tracks to ensure I have built something the correct size to fit on them, I’ll prolly not be trying this contest out. Never really got into trains, but then again, before Jan 2, 2009, I never had gotten into construction vehicles either.

  3. A Most Serious AFOL

    ‘Livery’ – adj – Being like liver.

    I look forward to seeing the endless variety of boxes on wheels.

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