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Lego my Chess

These are two sets that I made for Classic Castle’s Chess Challenge, which ends tonight. I had a lot of fun with these. I’ve never made two matching creations in different scales before.

Lego Chess Set

I’m hooked on Chess sets now. I think I’m going to do some more…


I play a lot of board games, and while chess isn’t at the top of my rotation, I still appreciate a nice set. This little set by akunthita looks like the perfect thing to bring on a flight or road trip to a Lego convention.

I think its the presence of drawers to store the pieces that really makes this thing for me. The pieces are expressive enough to get the point across, especially given their small dimensions. Of course, with a Lego chess set, there’s no risk of the pieces falling over when you hit a bump.

LEGO Mini Chess Set

Mini LEGO chess set with adorable kings and queens

I never caught the chess bug, but this tiny set by akunthita just might change my mind. The queens use the tiny Belville crowns, though I’m less keen on the cut towballs on the pawns.

LEGO mini chess set

In keeping with our theme of function as well as form today, the chess set has little drawers that can hold all the pieces.

LEGO Star Wars: A New Hope chess set by Brandon Griffith

I strongly suspect most of you have already seen this, but this LEGO Star Wars chess set by Brandon Griffith (icgetaway) is well worth another look.

LEGO Star Wars Chess Set

In addition to a great board and the minifig stands one might expect from a LEGO chess set, Brandon built a bunch of microscale Star Wars vehicles and even a couple of cute little vignettes as chess pieces.

LEGO Star Wars chess set - Greedo LEGO Star Wars chess set - TIE fighter

Via the LEGO CUUSOO blog.

The force was with LEGOLAND California

LEGO builders and Star Wars fans, including the San Diego LEGO User’s Group (SandLUG) and From Bricks to Bothans (FBTB) converged on LEGOLAND California last weekend (June 13 and 14) and set up several tables across from The Big Shop. This isn’t an effort at self-promotion, but more a desire to share a few of the great creations that I’m pretty sure the builders don’t have time to post online or the creations are just too cool to pass up.

In addition to Mark Borlase’s gigantic Hoth diorama (it tragically took a “humpty dumpty” on the way back to Las Vegas) has been featured on The Brothers Brick before, here are a few of the other notables:

Sarlacc Pit

Cooperatively built Sarlacc Pit by Andy Grubb (anderson.grubb) and Gary McIntire (MrGSnot). Check out my other photos which show Sarlacc’s stomach contents, perhaps the coolest feature. Yummy.

New Hope Chess

Probably the most coveted creation at the display, people were quite literally offering to buy this “Star Wars: A New Hope” chess set created by Brandon Griffith (icgetaway) right off the table, thinking it was an official set. That good. Playing with toys are (left to right) Ryan Wood (lights) and Andy Grubb.

Brian Ronto

SandLUG member Brian Heins built this Ronto that has such great coloration and was quite playable.

(Edit: misspelled Brian Heins’ name. Corrected.)

7628 Peril in Peru out, 7036 Dwarves Mine back, and more [News]

The Toys R Us exclusive LEGO Indiana Jones set 7628 Peril in Peruicon is now available from the LEGO Shop online.


One of my candidates for “favorite LEGO set of all time,” 7036 Dwarves’ Mineicon is once again available:


Of course, this latest update to the LEGO Shop online also includes a whole bunch of other new sets, as well as a fair amount of clearance items. Some highlights:

Last but not least, the long-awaited 10187 Volkswagen Beetleicon is also available.


Ultimate LEGO Castle Chess Set [News]

UPDATE: The LEGO Castle Giant Chess Set
icon will be available for pre-order from the LEGO Shop on July 1. No release date has been announced yet.

Some people know where to look for leaked pictures of upcoming sets, and many times great treasures are dug up in lego.com’s cache (the specific procedures are still a mystery to me, but I think it involves manipulating image url’s). Check out the upcoming castle chess set, complete with just about everything and probably including a big price tag too.



News: LEGO Castle Chess Set

The rumored LEGO Castle Chess Set (852001) is already available in the LEGO Store online:

EDIT: And the artwork on the front is by Mike Rayhawk. Nice work, Mike!

Classic Castle Chess Set by astronut1

In June of 2005, Classic-Castle.com held a contest to create castle-themed chess pieces and chess sets. It looks like Flickr user astronut1 took his pictures a few months later (and just posted them on Flickr), but these would have been great entries:

The pawns are classic Crusaders and Black Falcons minifigs, but astronut1 created unique pieces for the rest. I especially like the kings and queens:

The rooks and bishops are also great:

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Possible new set: G577 Vikings Chess Set?

Mumu seems to have run across a new set on LEGO Shop@Home, G577 Vikings Chess Set. That link doesn’t work anymore, but Mumu lifted this picture before the set disappeared from S@H:

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