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A computerized agglomeration of Okkonen constructions

When taking averages of quantitative values, the math is quite easy. But qualitative averaging between LEGO characters is a feat that requires a computer, for sure! So esteemed character concoctor Eero Okkonen collaborated with Looking Glass V1.4 AI to come up with this ostentatious “Admiral” design based on an array of his prior anthropomorphic builds. And I’m really digging the cyberpunk aspects of the work! The imbalance between the legs immediately draws the eye: one clad in only an elaborate shin guard, the other draped in a dark blue parachute pant leg. The gold and red highlights of the figure’s upper body really pop, coming to an apex with some dynamite headgear. But be sure not to miss the beautiful golden sword at its hip. Held in a black sheath, the design is simple, yet immediately recognizable and perfect for the digital officer.

AI Admiral

World’s first AI-powered LEGO sorting machine built with 10,000 LEGO bricks [Exclusive Feature]

There are some individuals who find sorting LEGO pieces therapeutic, but most of us loathe the task. And there are entirely non-LEGO machines that could do it, although what fun is that? Some people have tried to use LEGO to build sorting machines, yet their limitations have been quickly apparent. Enter Daniel West and his incredible Universal LEGO Sorting Machine! This baby uses Artificial Intelligence, with the most extensive index to date, to sort parts at a speedy one brick every 2 seconds!

Watch a video of the sorting machine in action!

Is this inquisitive robot sentient or just performing a task?

In many movies depicting robots, artificial intelligence (A.I.) and the challenge of determining whether an A.I. is sentient often develops as part of the plot. Movies and shows like Westworld, Star Wars, and Short Circuit all feature robots that appear to share more human emotions like empathy, curiosity, hurt, anger. This LEGO mecha built by Nick Dryvvall captures the impression of robot sentience in my mind. The crouched pose, inquisitively reaching out to touch something newly discovered is reminiscent of a child crouching with the same intent. I find it most endearing and I can almost hear a few delighted little beeps emanating from the captivated robot.

SBM8 Grifon (Inquisitive)

The same mecha looks altogether different in a more agressive pose with its inquisitive arm stowed and weapons at the ready.

SBM8 Grifon (3/4)