A computerized agglomeration of Okkonen constructions

When taking averages of quantitative values, the math is quite easy. But qualitative averaging between LEGO characters is a feat that requires a computer, for sure! So esteemed character concoctor Eero Okkonen collaborated with Looking Glass V1.4 AI to come up with this ostentatious “Admiral” design based on an array of his prior anthropomorphic builds. And I’m really digging the cyberpunk aspects of the work! The imbalance between the legs immediately draws the eye: one clad in only an elaborate shin guard, the other draped in a dark blue parachute pant leg. The gold and red highlights of the figure’s upper body really pop, coming to an apex with some dynamite headgear. But be sure not to miss the beautiful golden sword at its hip. Held in a black sheath, the design is simple, yet immediately recognizable and perfect for the digital officer.

AI Admiral