Rockhall lights the way to an epic layout

Call me weird but I love a huge LEGO layout with a unified color scheme. Take this striking red and white creation by the eerily named Eric TheSkeleton, for example. The buildings, lighthouse, even the numerous airships stay faithful to that red and white color scheme; it’s kinda like the White Stripes live there. I’m sure there are other real-life examples but with the hill and Mediterranean-style red roofs, this layout reminds me of Coimbra, Portugal. Upon closer inspection, this is actually a microscale build but the island citadel seems to have a more massive footprint than what is true to life. The bones as waves are a masterful touch! That water just might be a bedsheet or a tablecloth but, with the tiny ripples, the effect works amazingly well within the composition. It’s not quite a purist approach but the last time we upset the purists, we had a record number of complaints from folks with AOL email addresses so maybe lightning will strike again this time. Here’s to hoping it does!