In space, there’s no such thing as too much thrust

When is a big space engine too big? Rubblemaker says there’s no such thing. He’s found an engine that’s bigger than his little space pod, and decided it needs two of them. The power-to-weight ratio of this thing must be off the charts! Despite their almost comical size, they do look great here, with some greebling inside and on the sides suggesting some very complicated internals. I guess if the engine is that big, you might as well fit whatever you can in there. I like the two slopes for the bumblebee stripes on the wings – it’s a bit of a different take on a feature that is a mainstay of Neo-Classic Space creations like this one. Can we call them wings? They do seem a bit small for that..

NCS Shorty

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  1. idisplayit

    Was chatting to him on Reddit about this one, it looks a bit like Neva Kee’s podracer!


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