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Dumb Ways to Die – Star Wars Edition

So, where to begin, Erik aka Ninja_Nin has created eight AMAZING, expertly designed, large vignettes based on an Australian Metro safety video utilizing the Star Wars as the theme and boy are they GREAT!!! Check out his photo set and see the many Dumb Ways to Die!!!

The Force is strong with this one...

Scott Peterson’s (aka scott34567) skills are now complete with these incredibly detailed, screen accurate Star Wars Lightsabers.

Each Lightsaber is 1:1.

Continue to his photo set and see his wide selection of lightsabers, some brick built and some CAD, but all expertly designed.

An Unexpected Art Show

As part of OSCAR weekend, TheOneRing.net and Premiere Events presents An Unexpected Art Show to be held in Los Angeles, California on Friday, February 22, from 7 PM to 1 AM. Celebrating The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings and J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, An Unexpected Art Show will feature inspired and influenced art pieces from paintings, drawings, and illustrations to prints from a variety of artists including LEGO brick built creations from OneLUG, Tommy Williamson, and Norbert Labuguen. The OneLUG will be displaying The Last March of the Ents and also unveiling their newest LOTR creation!!! If you live near Los Angeles, come and enjoy An Unexpected Art Show!!!


Like the creative, ingenious mind of Dr. Light, Bruce Lowell creates the perfect machines to fight the evil Dr. Wily and his Robots!


Tough Day at the Office

For those who are working during this Holiday season, you are not alone. Tyler Clites’ (Legohaulic) Elves feel you pain. Merry Christmas!!!

The Circle is Now Complete!

This is the STAR WARS: RETURN OF THE JEDI Chess set. It is the 3rd and final installment in a series of three LEGO Star Wars chess sets that Brandon Griffith built in celebration of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. Check out the other two sets; A NEW HOPE and THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK

Will you play the Light Side?

or the Dark Side?

The Force is Strong with this Chibi!

Nick D.M. (AKA DarthNick) just came out of hyperspace with two AMAZING Chibi Star Wars models! Not only does his Chibi X-Wing and TIE Fighter capture that unique playful style, they are also minifig compatible and remain faithful to the original designs of the ships.

Chibi X-wing & TIE Fighter

To Boldly Build what No Man has Built Before!

Well, this may not be the first time Star Trek devices have been built out of LEGO bricks, but it definitely is one of the most impressive. Tommy Williamson beautifully and masterfully recreates the Phaser Type-II, Communicator, and Tricorder from Star Trek: The Original Series.

LEGO Star Trek TOS Collection

Like a good citizen of the 23rd century, he spruces up the models with Power Functions from Lego!

Execute Order Chibi Chibi!!!

I have found in my years engrossed within the LEGO building community that builders utilizing the “Chibi” style of design are few and far between.  Kevin Ryhal has created a set of Chibi 501st ARF Troopers and AT-RT walkers from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  His attention to detail mixed with his “Chibi-ness” design is amazing, but add in “mecha” style articulation to the joints and it becomes most impressive.