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LEGO Proto Man, Mega Man’s cooler older brother

Proto Man is the anti-hero brother to Mega Man in the classic Mega Man series, rocking a red helmet with shades, scarf, and an arm cannon of his own. Bruce Lowell uses slick shaping to capture the cartoony vibe of characters in the Mega Man series with his LEGO Proto Man figure. Shaping on the bulky red armor components in particular is done excellently and contrasts well with his gray body suit.

Proto Man

LEGO bricks are good for building 8-bit graphics

Marcos Bessa also built a scene from Megaman in 3D. The combination of studs in different directions works out well, but I think the waterfall would look better if it were built with plates placed sideways (at the same time costing much more). Overall, this is an interesting creation; check out the gallery to see the original screenshot.