To Boldly Build what No Man has Built Before!

Well, this may not be the first time Star Trek devices have been built out of LEGO bricks, but it definitely is one of the most impressive. Tommy Williamson beautifully and masterfully recreates the Phaser Type-II, Communicator, and Tricorder from Star Trek: The Original Series.

LEGO Star Trek TOS Collection

Like a good citizen of the 23rd century, he spruces up the models with Power Functions from Lego!

2 comments on “To Boldly Build what No Man has Built Before!

  1. Sarah

    I am a Trekkie and I love these.

    I don’t understand why there hasn’t been a Star Trek theme of Lego. There have been 5 tv shows, 11 movies and a cartoon show. It has an international following and is kid friendly.

    A more talented builder than me needs to get on Cuusoo. (I’d love a mini fig line.)

  2. Brickmodder

    These are great! Tommy came up with a brilliant idea using a hex wrench and a headlight brick to access the LifeLites inside…

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