For Baby Yoda, wackadoodle, the internet has gone.

Builder Miro Dudas knows that the formula for success is to build Baby Yoda or anything from The Mandalorian, really. I have not yet seen the pivotal series from Disney+ but in gleaning from the official trailer, internet memes, and prior TBB articles about The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda, I’ll try to surmise the plot of the entire series. Here goes:

Baby Yoda

(any spoilers are purely coincidental)

The Mandalorian stars that one guy from Game of Thrones as a bounty hunter, who is totally not Boba Fett, but you’ll never see his face because that Game of Thrones eye-crushing scene completely messed him up. Many of the scenes take place on a gritty wild western planet that is totally not Nevada. Everybody there is all bad-ass and squinty. The guy from Breaking Bad is typecast yet again as someone who owns a chain of chicken restaurants as a front to sell meth (probably) and Werner Herzog takes a break from making weird documentaries to be all: “bounty hunting is a complicated profession”. Nobody exchanges names or pleasantries because it’s all business with these people so everyone is “The Child”, “The Client”, “The Asset”, etc. Drama, shifty glances and squinting mounts until there is a shootout at high noon and a droid with a spinney head goes pew pew pew!.

Then they introduce adorable “Baby Yoda” and the internet loses its collective cookies! “Mando” and “The Child” have heart-warming adventures together onboard the Razorcrest changing diapers and drinking bourbon (or whatever toddlers and surrogate dads do). It turns out babies are not good conversationalists but that is cool as Mando isn’t much for conversation either. If memes are to be believed, baby has a penchant for hardcore death metal while Mando has a penchant for squelching his fun.

Now season one is over with and ravenous fanboys are butt-hurt and taking to the internet to vent their rage. It isn’t the Game of Thrones ending kind of rage but a bit different. Did Baby Yoda get lost in a ball pit or something? Magic 8-ball says “Concentrate and ask again.” That probably means Disney execs are furiously writing up Season Two so that you can buy more merchandise and lose your ever-loving cool all over again! That pretty much sums it up from the point of view from someone who hasn’t yet seen The Mandalorian. Did I miss anything?