Top 10 favourite LEGO sci-fi builds inspired by the Star Wars universe [Feature]

Star Wars has touched many generations. The movies, TV shows, games, and books have the power to influence and inspire LEGO builders to explore the many styles, iconic shapes, and infinite possibilities in that galaxy far, far away. We pulled together the Top 10 of our favourites that could deservingly and easily be featured as a vehicle the in movies.

Sidewinder by Rail Blade

A cousin vehicle of the Millennium Falcon, perhaps?


Imperial Snow Speeder by Ian Ying

A cold-adapted speeder bike meant for the ice planet Hoth!


Enth Star Fighter by Jake RF

A ship in the shape of the letter Enth in Aurabesh (the characters used to represent the common language Basic in the Star Wars universe).

Enth-Wing Starfighter

Kh-1 Vulture by BobDeQuatre

A vehicle perfect for a bounty hunter or assassin.

Kh-1 Vulture

YT-1740 By ZiO Chao

A mashup with subtle hints of many favourites, including The Defender-class light corvette from the Old Republic era, the Ghost from Rebels, and even Kylo Ren’s command shuttle.

YT-1740 Arrowhead

Air Speeder (Snowspeeder) by Don Wilson

The next-generation Snowspeeder, after having a few upgrades.

Incom T-51 Airspeeder (Snowspeeder) 01

Onith-Wing Starfighter by Ted Andes

A hybrid of a Y-wing with the modified engines of X-wings with some bits of an A-wing thrown in.

Onith-Wing Starfighter

The Nadir by o0ger

A derivative of the Millennium Falcon with considerably larger mandibles.

YT-1450 Light Freighter - "The Nadir"

Incom YB-81 by Tromas

A bomber by the Incom Corporation, maker of the iconic X-wing and U-wing starfighters.

YT 1300 by Marshall Banana

Finally, a heavily modified YT1300 light freighter from the builder who brought us the 7,500-piece Millennium Falcon, 10,000-piece Jawa Sandcrawler, and 6,000-piece Imperial shuttle.

Heavily modified YT 1300 „Red Fox“ (Freighter Wars)

What do you think of these Star Wars-inspired vehicles? Do you think they could have been featured in the movies? Let us know what other builds you think could have made this list.