Build your own microscale LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship, complete with decals [Instructions]

I was never satisfied with LEGO’s attempt at a microscale Republic Gunship (also known as an LAAT) from the 2013 advent calendar, as it lacked the signature long engines, unless that’s what the binocular piece is supposed to represent. So a few days ago, since I’m working on a larger Star Wars microscale build, I thought I would try my hand at a micro LAAT, then a day later, I ended up with these two. Although I wasn’t worried about part count, these use only 19 pieces each, just five more than LEGO’s version.

Micro Republic Gunship (Video instructions on Youtube)

Check out the video instructions below — there are picture versions, and a video that goes a bit more in depth on how to build this cute little model. I have also included a link to download the decal sheet I made, so you can print it out yourself as well.

Here is the link to download the word document with the decal sheet. They are already sized correctly, so you should be able to simply print it out and apply them (after sealing them, that is, if you are using real decal paper). The front part of the decals are not made by me — I used some designs from the MOCpages LAAT design directory created by tbone_tbl, and just added the door designs.

Here are the parts you’ll need. If you want to build the white one, instead of the special ARC gunship from the 2003 animated series, just replace the blue parts with white parts, and the two technic pins with light gray ones.

The technic pins’ notches should be facing up and down, because there is a little flat part on one side that allows the pin to be flush with the white clip. See the video if you need help with this.

The white 1×1 tile should sit snugly in the little space between the lips of the round plates and the back of the ship (it is an interesting fit).

Below is the video I made that goes more in depth about the build and explains the little tricky parts a bit better than I can in writing. You can also see me apply the waterslide decals. Thanks for reading, and happy Star Wars weekend!

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