Star Wars Episode MCMLXXXVI: The TECHNIC Figure Strikes Back

Omar Ovalle is a big-time Star Wars fan with a passion for customizing classic Technic figures from a galaxy far, far away. Omar wowed The Brothers Brick readers with his Endor scout trooper back in 2016. Quite a bit of time has passed since then, but he is back at it again with fully articulated versions of Darth Vader, Han Solo and Jango Fett.

Greetings from Mustafar

I’m really loving the Darth Vader, which cleverly incorporates the head of the 1998 Technic cyborg villain. Jango Fett also looks pretty sharp, and Han Solo’s hand-made vest and holster are cute details. Han is reaching for his blaster, adding fuel to the controversy as to who shot first.

Greetings from Corellia

LEGO introduced the first Technic figure in 1986 and the last sets to include them were released in 2000. It’s a shame they are no longer in production because, as Omar has demonstrated, they had a lot of potential as brick-built action figures.¬†They may not be purist, but the Force is strong with these little guys.

Greetings from Kamino

2 comments on “Star Wars Episode MCMLXXXVI: The TECHNIC Figure Strikes Back

  1. jeremy:D

    Tecnic figs fit beautifully into 7181 and 7191. I was really hoping (back then) that Lego would release SW figs for the continuing UCS line…

  2. nova12hunter

    I will always wish that LEGO would start producing Technic figures again. They were fantastic and I’m glad I got a few.

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