Top 10 favourite LEGO Star Wars custom vehicle builds [Feature]

Part of the attraction of Star Wars is all the iconic vehicles introduced in the films, each classics that stand the test of time.  To celebrate this year’s Star Wars Day, we put together a list of our top 10 favourite custom-built LEGO mechanical wonders. Each of these LEGO Star Wars creations was built by a LEGO fan — these aren’t sets, and the builder didn’t use instructions. We hope you’ll be inspired to build your own LEGO creations after seeing all these amazing models.

50-inch-long Dreadnought by One Case

Executor class Star Dreadnought

Studless TIE Fighter by Jussi Koskinen

TIE S/F (updated)

AT-AT by tastenmann77

Lego AT-AT

Rey’s Speeder by Robert Lundmark

UCS Rey´s Speeder on LEGO ideas. Please support it!

7 foot Venator by Philipp Neumann

Venator class star destroyer by Philipp Neumann

U-Wing by Mirko Soppelsa


X-Wing by Robert Lundmark


Resistance Skimmer 

Resistance Skimmer

Star Destroyers by Simon Liu

Star Wars: Rogue One - Star Destroyer Crash

Minifig Scale Millennium Falcon by Titans Creations

Millennium Falcon

2017 was a great year for LEGO Star Wars, so don’t miss our list of the best custom LEGO Star Wars creations of 2017.

Do you have a favourite that we missed? Share it with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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