Stunning Star Wars vehicle specifications in LEGO

Robert Lundmark has been building absolutely beautiful ships and creatures from Star Wars. We recently covered his rendition on the Luggabeast, Rey’s Speeder, and Poe’s X-Wing. We were so dazzled by the builds from The Force Awakens we completely missed his absolutely beautiful specification sheets.

Each one features a detailed model, with the vehicle’s unique information. The AT-ST stands the tallest at 65cm tall. Robert has posted four different vehicles for us to oogle over; I can only hope there will be more!

Robert’s Incom T-65 X-wing starfighter includes an R2 unit with a clear dome.


The T-47 Snowspeeder has all the sharp angles of the original.


The Imperial AT-ST looks vaguely morose, perhaps contemplating its imminent demise at the hands of insurgent teddy bears…


The AT-AT evokes the elephants that inspired the monstrous walker.